Imaging Management, Volume 1 / Issue 4 Winter 2006

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The European Association of Healthcare IT Managers (HITM)

HITM recently exhibited at the World of Health IT Conference and Exhibition, held 10-13 October in Geneva, Switzerland. The event proved to be a success, providing an opportunity to raise the awareness of HITM and forge new relationships with other healthcare IT-related organisations in Europe and beyond. In addition to this, we also signed up several new individual members to HITM and received many requests for subscriptions to Healthcare IT Management.

On the communications front, we would like to welcome the addition of a new correspondent to Healthcare IT Management – Tom Jones, Director of TanJent Consultancy in the UK. Tom brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge about the healthcare IT sector in Europe and excellent experience working on many notable eHealth projects, including the e-Health Impact Project, which was funded by the European Commission and recently published. More information on the e-Health IMPACT Project is available online at

If you haven’t seen previous issues of Healthcare IT Management or the HITM website, we encourage you to download a copy and find out more about us at While you’re there, don’t forget to download a membership application!

About  the Association

HITM is a non-profit organisation outlined as the pan-European umbrella association of all relevant national healthcare IT associations in Europe. Believing in the fundamental importance of unifying healthcare IT professionals at European and global levels, HITM is committed to increasing the professional authority and responsibility of healthcare IT managers and representing their interests to international institutions and associations. sectors. Ab With membership in HITM steadily growing, the first annual General Assembly is being planned for 2007.


The mission of HITM is:

+ To establish common healthcare IT standards, policies and strategies at EU and international levels;

+ To increase the visibility, importance and role of IT management in healthcare facilities;

+ To educate key policy-makers, industry players and the general public of the benefits of healthcare IT; and

+ to promote cross-collaboration of various healthcare sectors.

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The European Association of Healthcare IT Managers (HITM)HITM recently exhibited at the World of Health IT Conferenceand Exhibition, held 10-13 October in

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