Imaging Management, Volume 3 / Issue 3 / 2008

[email protected] Unique Joint Care

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The European Association of Healthcare IT managers (HITM) invites you in the month of October to [email protected], Health Information Technology Conference & Exhibition.


According to the organisers, for the first time in the healthcare history of Belgium and the Netherlands, four e-Health professional associations have decided to join forces in order to organise an international conference and exhibition in Brussels. This event will coincide with the celebration of the 25th MIC Congress of MIM and VMBI and the 3rd SIXI International Congress completed by the NVKVV-ISV event.


The e-Health event will elaborate on improving communication and continuity in healthcare as well as data exchange and dissemination of current international/national/regional projects results. Healthcare 2008 offers 20,000 m2 exhibition space and expects 8,000 professional visitors.


Furthermore, under the heading of ”Collaborative Patient Centred eHealth” special attention will be paid to multidisciplinary, communication and active involvement of the patients in areas such as:


Ó Patient Health Information Systems

Ó Health information networks and shared care

Ó e-homecare and telemonitoring

Ó e-learning in health care

Ó Public health and research (secondary use of health data)

Ó Hospital information systems

Ó Nursing information systems

Ó Primary care systems


For more information, please visit:

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The European Association of Healthcare IT managers (HITM) invitesyou in the month of October to [email protected], Health Information TechnologyConference &am

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