Imaging Management, Volume 5 / Issue 1 / 2010

HealthHINF 2010

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The third international conference on health informatics, HEALTHINF is part of BIOSTEC - The International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies.


The purpose of the International Conference on Health Informatics was to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) to healthcare and medicine in general and to the specialised support to persons with special needs in particular.


Databases, networking, graphical interfaces, intelligent decision support systems and specialised programming languages are just a few of the technologies currently used in medical informatics. Mobility and ubiquity in healthcare systems, standardisation of technologies and procedures, certification, privacy are some of the issues that medical informatics professionals and the ICT industry in general need to address in order to further promote ICT in healthcare.


Key note speakers included:

Ó Peter D. Karp, Director Bioinformatics Research Group, Artificial Intelligence Center, United States;

Ó Rui M. C. Ferreira, National Coordinator for Cardiovascular Diseases, Office of the High Commissioner for Health, Portugal;

Ó Tony Cass, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College London, U.K.; and

Ó Vicente Traver, ITACA, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain.


There were also numerous workshops providing attendees the opportunity to learn about and discuss the latest trends. Featured workshops included:

Ó Medical Image Analysis and Description for Diagnosis Systems (MIAD)

Ó Mobilising Health Information to Support Healthcarerelated Knowledge Work (MobiHealthInf)

Ó Open Source in European Health Care: Crossing the Borders (OSEHC)

Ó Rapid Prototyping for Improving the Development of Biodevices (RAPID-Bio)

Ó Bio-inspired Human-Machine Interfaces and Healthcare Applications (B-Interface)


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The third international conference on health informatics,HEALTHINF is part of BIOSTEC - The International Joint Conference on BiomedicalEngineering Systems

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