Imaging Management, Volume 5 / Issue 1 / 2010

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GE Healthcare Provides IT Solution for Vancouver Olympics

The solutions provided by GE Healthcare IT benefitted both medical facilities and athletes in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. The implementation of GE’s Centricity® Radiology-IW (PACSIW and RIS-IC with Precision Reporting) in polyclinics at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games allowed for clinical staff to manage and access medical images and information at any location. The Centricity system was being deployed at the Vancouver Polyclinic with links to Whistler Polyclinic and the Mobile Medical Unit, providingly all withimmediate access to patient information


Stationed around the clock with doctors, specialists and nurses, the Mobile Medical Unit provided access to diagnostic and patient monitoring equipment within the Olympic and Paralympic Village Whistler. The 4.5 million dollar unit was funded through the sponsorship agreement between GE and Vancouver Organising Committee for the 2010 Winter Games. The Mobile Medical Unit was complete with GE solutions, including Vscan, their latest ultrasound technology.


Area residents have also benefitted from the partnership with GE and VANOC. Residents of Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton received the Whistler CT Scanner as a gift from GE and VANOC, unveiled at a preliminary event.


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GE Healthcare Provides IT Solution for Vancouver OlympicsThe solutions provided by GE Healthcare IT benefitted both medicalfacilities and athletes in the 2

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