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Medical Informatics Community Contributes to Fostering Health Information Systems Introperability

After an agreement between the government Agency for Shared Health Information Systems (ASIP Santé) and the French Association for the Applications of Medical Informatics (AIM),  the latter is working to develop technical and semantic interoperability between health information systems (HIS).

Such interoperability is an essential condition for populating patients' electronic health records (Dossier Médical Personnel - DMP, in French) with information. The agreement defines cooperation terms between the Agency and the Association. It was signed by Prof Marius Fieschi, AIM President and Jean-Yves Robin, head of ASIP Santé.

The first steering committee convened at the beginning of July 2011; participants approved collaboration projects relating to the contribution of AIM to enhance the content of the Health Information Systems Interoperability Framework and the National List of Reference Frameworks.

In order to improve the coordination of healthcare between professionals, a common language and therefore, the production of semantic reference frameworks, is required. The jointly defined specifications will be published in the Interoperability Framework and they are meant to be integrated in the DMP, in a way to enable business software to share and exchange information without prior recapturing of data, among other effects.

The agreement also makes provisions for AIM to support change by designing training modules and to represent France in international standardisation organisations the field of health informatics.

This contractual cooperation is sought to turn the intentions of the health informatics community - gathered in the AIM - into concrete actions towards the development of health information systems in France. The AIM community will thus bring their scientific, methodological, technical, pedagogical and innovation expertise to this important process.

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Medical Informatics Community Contributes to Fostering Health Information Systems IntroperabilityAfter an agreement between the government Agency for Share

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