Imaging Management, Volume 4 / Issue 2 / 2009

E-Health Conference 2009:Leadership in Action

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Considered to be one of the largest e-Health tradeshows in Canada, the e- Health Conference 2009 has prepared an excellent Conference Program and an Exhibition filled with practical experiences, workshops and activities. Above all, it is the place to be for social events and networking opportunities.


The Conference is jointly hosted by the Canadian Institute for Health Information  (CIHI) and the Canada’s Health Informatics Association (COACH). Together they manage to organize a proactive top-quality learning and an opportunity to network with organizations and people that value quality health information as well as effective integrated system solutions. Since the beginning, the conference has attracted a steadily increasing attendance, which reaches more than 1,500 delegates.


This year the congress will address the following topics:

Ó Access and New Models of Care

> E-health and Information Management

> Remote Service Delivery Solutions

Ó Balancing Workforce and Technology

> Change Management

> Decision Support

Ó Innovation and Sustainability

> Leading Large Initiatives

> School of Hard Knocks


Showcased will be an impressive number of e-Health solutions, which deliver on the benefits of improved patient outcomes, improved patient safety and improved cost effectiveness in the delivery case. The main focus during the Conference will be on the latest health informatics developments through a combination of keynote plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, a leadership forum, facilitated workshops, panels, delivered by through leaders and innovators. Furthermore, several new sponsorship opportunities will be introduced. For the first time, an own product/session will be conducted, during which key sponsors will be able to engage directly with delegates.


The e-Health Conference will take place in the Québec City Convention Centre from May 31 until June 3rd 2009. This Conference is an excellent opportunity to have a direct access to members of the health informatics community, practical experience and information on the newest e-Health solutions and all in one place.


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Considered to be one of the largest e-Healthtradeshows in Canada, the e- Health Conference 2009 has prepared an excellentConference Program and an Exhibiti

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