Helicia Herman We reflect at length in the hospital setting on the way to reconfigure the work processes, to replace old methods by new digital ones, or to digitise entire systems. In this context, a possibility is the introduction of a system of managing patient data (‘Patient Data Management System’ or PDMS), which will support the care processes both qualitatively and quantitatively thank

Investing in IT

Author Udo Poth IT Director of the Isar Hospital at the Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany E-mail: [email protected] Strategy for the Integration of PDMS (Patient Data Management Systems) The efficiency of clinical processes depends to a significant degree on the information systems supporting them. All important, patient-related information should be available to clinic

Author Ing. Ruud J. van der Marel Business Manager Radiology St Franciscus Gasthuis Rotterdam, The Netherlands E-Mail: [email protected] The Sint Franciscus Gasthuis (SFG) is a 600-bed, general hospital in the north of the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Two years ago the hospital decided to ‘tool up’ for the electronic age. We were facing increased competition from surrounding hospita

Authors Antoine Rosset MD Osman Ratib, MD, PhD Radiology Department University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland E-mail: [email protected] An Open Source Experience in Medical Imaging The “open source” movement in the field of data processing began in the 1980s. This movement aims to free software users from the constraints imposed by commercial companies who create, distribute

Hospital IT Award

Author Victoria Hospital Nigel Humble, Haematology Manager, Blackpool Victoria Hospital, United Kingdom Email: [email protected] Nigel Humble, Haematology Manager, and Lisa Jones, Manager of the Anticoagulant Dosing & Advisory Service (ADAS), took first prize in the section for innovative use of IT at the 2006 UK Awards Allied Health Professionals and Health Scientists fo

eHealth Developments

Author Jens Lindell IT Secretart Blekkingesjukhuset, Sweden Email : [email protected] With a user-friendly graphic tool, every employee can follow each healthcare process straight from the intranet. The Flow Model has revolutionised work at Blekingesjukhuset, the hospital of county Blekinge, and gained attention around the world. _ The tool is graphically attractive, easy to use an

Contact A. Kollmann Austrian Research Centers GmbH - ARC Biomedical Engineering / eHealth systems Reininghausstrasse 13/18020 Graz, Austria E-mail: [email protected] Pacemaker (PM) implantation is only the first step of therapy for patients suffering from several heart rhythm diseases like bradycardy, sick sinus syndrome, and AV-node dysfunction. Since patients’ welfare depend

Authors Michal Javornik and Otto Dostal Institute of Computer Science, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic E-Mail: [email protected] Tools to share medical knowledge, to support and assist in decision-making and to provide relevant and accurate sources of information for scientific research all enhance synergy among the medical community. They also play a very important role in healthcar


For More Information: Alliance for MRI Secretariat European Society of Radiology Ms. Monika Hierath Neutorgasse 9 AT-1010 Wien Tel: +43 1 533 40 64 - 20 Email: [email protected] The “Alliance for MRI” was launched on 9 March 2007 at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) which took place in Vienna, Austria. ECR represents the medical specialty of Radiology throughout Europe and t

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