HealthManagement, Volume 6 - Issue 4, 2006

Annual ‘Management in Radiology’ (MIR) Congress

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Join Europe’s Most Prominent Experts, October 5 – 7 2006

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to attend the 9th edition of ‘Management in Radiology’ (MIR) 2006 Congress in Budapest. This unique platform, initiated to address significant managerial issues that affect the imaging industry from a scientific point of view, offers a wealth of opportunities to exchange experience, introduce new tools and concepts and draw together a wide range of leading professionals, both speakers and delegates.

An Auspicious Background

Although this marks the first occasion on which the annual MIR meeting will be held in Budapest, our beautiful and hospitable capital city, representatives of the field of imaging in Hungary have long been affiliated with and present at MIR meetings since it was first initiated. This clearly demonstrates our support and belief in the essential role this annual meeting plays in underpinning proper management practices.


The great advantages of organising such a meeting in one of the “freshmen” countries of the EU, are twofold: on the one hand it brings cutting-edge, hot topics of radiological management closer to the specialists of these countries; and on the other hand it provides an opportunity for members of the MIR community to collect first-hand experiences from an environment differing in many aspects from their own traditions. The synergism of these two factors may result in better understanding of this rapidly developing region and more extensive involvement of experts from these countries in the activities of MIR.

Expert Scientific and Educational Programme

Thanks to the invaluable contributions of many experts from all over Europe, the scientific and educational programme of this year’s meeting promises to be both intellectually provocative, and at the same time very useful from practical points of view, both for radiology and management specialists. Alongside a constructive and current programme, the planned social events give you at least a small sample of the taste and feeling of Budapest and Hungary. We kindly encourage you to take the opportunity to get acquainted with the great historical monuments and exciting 21st century developments of this city.


Once again we look forward to meeting delegates, both old and new, and to welcoming you to the banks of the Danube for a successful and hopefully memorable scientific event.


Prof. Dr. András Palkó

President of the Local Organizing Committee of MIR 2006

Join Europe’s Most Prominent Experts, October 5 – 7 2006<br> Dear colleagues and friends, <br> On behalf of the Local Organising Committee, it give

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