Dear readers, The recent Management in Radiology (MIR) congress, held in Oxford, UK, threw up a number of interesting management challenges and solutions that are being experienced by leaders, managers and administrators of radiology departments worldwide. Each year, IMAGING Management has the honour to publish a selection of papers arising from presentations delivered at the event, with the aim of raisi

Association News

MIR Holds Workshop on “Applying Industry Leadership Concepts to Healthcare” Management in Radiology (MIR) recently held a three-day workshop in Bad Gastein, Austria, from January 10 – 12, 2008. The workshop programme explored key concepts required to enhance a manager’s ability to work effectively within an organisation focusing on key components such as emotional intelligence (EI), why high perf

EU News

The Alliance for MRI has welcomed the European Commission’s announcement that it will postpone and amend legislation which would pose a serious threat to the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in patient welfare and scientific research. The EU Physical Agents Directive 2004/40/EC (EMF) is to be delayed by four years until April 30, 2012 to allow time for a substantive amendment to be adopted.

The European Society for Medical Oncology‘s (ESMO) annual forum was held in Brussels, Belgium under the auspices of the ESMO Cancer Patient Working Group, to bring together international cancer patient associations to encourage exchange of best practices, facilitate network- building amongst the groups and to provide the skills and techniques needed to develop and implement effective advocacy strategies.

Industry News

Siemens Siemens MR used in Mummy Bone Structure Scan Siemens and a team of researchers from the University of Zurich collaborated on a recent MR scan of a historical mummy to answer the question: Can the new software for magnetic resonance (MR) tomographs provide insight into the anatomy and disease characteristics of the human being, even for those parts of the human body which, even more so for a mum

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ECRI Institute, a non-profit organisation, dedicates itself to bringing the discipline of applied scientific research in healthcare to uncover the best approaches to improving patient care. As pioneers in this science for nearly 40 years, ECRI Institute marries experience and independence with the objectivity of evidence-based research. ECRI Institute’s focus is medical device technology, healthcar

Cover Story:Report on Top Papers from MIR 2007 Congress

Summary drafted by: Dr. Nicola Strickland (Chairman, MIR, UK) Prof. Philip Gishen (Session Chair, UK) Presenters Prof. tchoyoson Lim (Singapore) Prof. Guy Frija (France) Dr. Sergei Nazarenko (Estonia) Prof. Henrik thomsen (Denmark) Prof. Michael Pentecost (US) This session was a novel venture staged for the first time at MIR 2007, Oxford, UK. Six well-known radiologists fr

Author Prof. Michael J. Pentecost Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group Maryland, US [email protected] Pay-for-performance in medicine is rooted in a very simple and easy-to-grasp concept: create a financial incentive for physicians and you will see an improvement in the quality and efficiency of healthcare. Barely five years old, pay-for-performance strategies ab

Author Dr. Erik Ranschaert Radiologist Co-founder Eurad Consult Mechelen, Belgium [email protected] Eurad Consult is a provider of diagnostic radiology reporting services with an output of over 40,000 MRI reports per year. Our remote reporting services provide continuity in radiology departments within optimal turnaround times. However, teleradiology still poses operational challe

Author Prof. Henrik Thomsen Chairman Department of Diagnostic Radiology Copenhagen University Hospital Copenhagen, Denmark [email protected] March 21, 2006, two colleagues from the department of nephrology entered my office. “We have the evidence. The use of gadodiamide impairs our patients” were the heartstopping words. On the Excel spread-sheet before me lay clear evidence tha

Healthcare Economics

Author Prof. Mathias Goyen Chief Executive offi cer UKE Consult und Management GmbH Hamburg, Germany [email protected] Outsourcing is a very important factor in our economy today. Modern companies know that for their non-core competencies, they need to seek specialists. Outsourcing delegates the non-core operations from internal production to an external entity specialising in that particular op

Special Focus Section: Mammography

Author Prof. Berthold B. Wein Director Department of Diagnostic Radiology Praxisgemeinschaft im Kapuzinerkarree Screening Unit of Aachen, Düren & Heinsberg Aachen, Germany [email protected] In June 2002, the German Bundestag decided to introduce a demographically-based national mammographic screening programme of all women between the ages of 50 and 69. This article highligh

Author Dr. Uwe Heindrichs Director Department of Breast Surgery University Hospital Aachen Aachen, Germany [email protected] In Germany, up to two out of every ten women will suffer from breast cancer during her lifetime. Around 17,000 out of 50,000 of these affected women will go on to die of the disease each year. In order to address this situation and to improve diagnosis and t


Author Dr. Hanna Pohjonen Healthcare IT Consultant Rosalieco Oy Espoo, Finland [email protected] In Spring 2006, the first phase of an innovative Finnish RATU project was launched, providing regional RIS/PACS and eConsultation service in Northern Finland. The area covered by the RATU project consists of five hospital districts and 69 healthcare centres with about 700,000 studies per

My Opinion

Interviewee Dr. Silvia Ondategui-Parra Associate Hospital Director Teknon Medical Center Barcelona, Spain Adjunct Assistant Professor Boston University Boston, US [email protected] How did You Come to be Involved in Healthcare Economics and Medical Management? My interest in management started during medical school. This is the reason I went through a pioneering four-year r

Country Focus:Radiology in Turkey

Author Prof. Mustafa Özmen Professor of Radiology deputy General director Hacettepe University Hospital Ankara, turkey [email protected] Since the formation of the modern Republic of turkey in 1923, successive governments have looked towards the West in the development of the country’s economic models. this is reflected in turkey’s current candidature for EU membership. In the

Author Dr. Muzaffer Basak President Turkish Society of Radiology Istanbul, Turkey [email protected] The Turkish Society of Radiology was founded in Istanbul in 1924. Its founding members included leading experts at the time, Dr. Sevki Bey, Dr. Suphi Neset Bey, Dr. Burhanettin Toker, Dr. Kilalditi, Dr. Zakar, Dr. Sukru Bey and Dr. Selahattin Mehmet Berk Bey. The goals of the society at t

Author Dr. Oguz Dicle Chairman Department of Radiology Dokuz Eylül University Izmir, Turkey [email protected] Medical doctors in Turkey graduate after following a six-year curriculum. According to set programmes, different concepts are used to teach radiological issues. Since 1996, most schools of medicine have been adapting their conventional curriculum to more modern programmes, such

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