By the time you read this issue, you may already be at the ECR 2005 conference, in Vienna. If you are, we hope you have a very successful conference. Positron Emission Tomography, especially linked with Computer Tomography, has substantially increased the scope of nuclear medicine with many new possible applications. In this issue, we have a review from Dr Rodrigo Moreno-Reyes from Erasmus hospital i


Edward Susman [email protected] RSNA 2004 The booths have been broken down, the carpets rolled up, and one has to assume that the cab line at McCormick Place has gotten a little bit shorter. Yes, the RSNA conference has wrapped up for the year. This year's meeting again saw radiology demonstrate the progress that has fueled its evolution into one of the largest and most vibrant specialties

Euro News

Helicia Herman Editor European Affairs Some 3,000 researchers have signed a petition against Directive 2001/20/EC on Clinical Trials 2001, which took effect in May 2004. The campaign against the directive will now focus on documenting the difficulties experienced by researchers as a result of the transposition of the directive into national law. In Ireland, for example, the number of applications s

Industry News

Agfa Gevaert Jeff Lewis, Agfa Media Relations [email protected] WWW.AGFAPRESS.COM Agfa-Gevaert Acquires GWI Agfa-Gevaert has announced that following regulatory approval from the German and Austrian anti-trust authorities the acquisition of GWI was closed on 31 January 2005. GWI is one of the leading European companies active in the fast growing market of Healthcare information systems and

Anja Sussner, PR Manager WWW.MEDICAL.SIEMENS.COM Planning Software for Particle Therapy with Protons The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and Siemens Medical Solutions recently signed a cooperative as well as licensing agreement for software to be used for the planning of particle therapy with protons. Siemens will receive the exclusive right of use for software and calculation methods

Misys Healthcare Systems Author Marie Mclaughlin [email protected] Misys Healthcare Systems, CoPathPlus Product University College London Hospitals (UCLH) NHS Foundation Trust has selected CoPathPlus® from Misys as its anatomic pathology information system to replace their legacy application. UCLH joins a growing number of other Trusts and healthcare institutions in the UK,

Author Patricia Jreige Marketing Communications Specialist 514.822.6000 X 7740 WWW.MATROX.COM/MGA New Products Featured at RSNA 2004 At RSNA 2004 (Chicago IL. USA), Matrox Medical Imaging featured its latest products, including the new RAD2mp PCI Express board, providing accelerated performance and flexible display options. Also shown at RSNA was Matrox's latest RAD2mp Low Profile board, de

Mark Contractor Reis Stentor Marketing and Corporate Communications 650-228-5384 [email protected] WWW.STENTOR.COM Stentor Selected as Approved Vendor by MedAssets Supply Chain Systems for Multi-Year Imaging Contract Stentor has announced that it has been selected by MedAssets Supply Chain Systems, the third largest and fastest growing medical group purchasing organization (GPO) in the U.S

Author Brian McKaig, PR 262-544-3937 [email protected] WWW.GEHEALTHCARE.COM/COMPANY/PRESSROOM/ GE Unveils the World’s First High Definition Magnetic Resonance (HDMR) System GE Healthcare has unveiled exclusive cardiac imaging techniques developed with the world’s first High Definition Magnetic Resonance (HDMR) system. The breakthrough cardiac applications were launched at the Society

Planar Systems, Inc. Linda Ferguson [email protected] WWW.PLANAR.COM Planar's New Lines of Touchscreen Monitors Drive Market Evolution Planar Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:PLNR), a worldwide leader in flat-panel display systems, is launching an expanded, comprehensive suite of touchscreen monitors designed for OEMs, integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) targeting the growing markets fo

Partner Focus MIR

Author Ian McCall Vice-President of Ear The European Association of Radiology (EAR) is a federation of all the European (EU and Non-EU) National and Sub-specialty Radiological Societies and is responsible for representing the combined views of all these groups on radiological matters in Europe. The objectives of the EAR are to develop and maintain high quality standards for patient care through rad

Author Dr Nicola H Strickland, BM, BCH, MA HONS (OXON), FRCP, FRCR Consultant Radiologist Hammersmith Hospitals Trust Du Cane Road, London, W12 OHS The reason is because productivity is the name of the healthcare game nowadays, and the referee is audit. Good management improves productivity, and good audit documents that productivity. This is as true for radiology as it is for all other medic

Partner Focus IHE

Dear IHE-Cardiology Community, As announced previously, the ESC is planning to perform an IHE-cardiology demonstration during the next meeting to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, between the 3 rd and the 7th of September 2005. During this symposium, three cardiology integration profiles (Cardiac Catheterization Workflow, Echocardiography Workflow, Retrieve ECG for Display) and the affiliated information

This event follows the IHE 2004 Connectathon in Padova where 46 vendors participated with 78 systems that performed more than 550 tests on 14 IHE integration profiles. Connectathon The Connectathon facilitates the implementation of standards-based integration by the healthcare information systems and imaging equipment industry. It offers vendors a unique opportunity for connectivity testing, removi

News from ECRI, Cars and EuroPacs

ECRI Europe Michael Stewart [email protected] WWW.ECRI.ORG.UK ECRI is pleased to announce the Medical Imaging Technology Online Service (MITOS), which includes information about Digital Imaging, PACS Systems, CT/MRI Scanners, DICOM issues and more. With more and more money being spent on expensive devices, guidance on purchasing and performance is vital. MITOS is the most up-to-date ded

CARS 2005 Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 19TH International Congress and Exhibition June 22 - 25, 2005, Berlin, Germany Joint Congress of CARS/ Euro PACS/ISCAS/CMI/ CAD 20 Years CARS 1985 - 2005 WWW.CARS-INT.ORG Innovations for Radiologists and Surgeons 525 paper and poster contributions from 37 countries had to be evaluated for CARS 2005, the 20 years anniversary congress in

Authors David Caramella EuroPACS President WWW.RAD.UNIPI.ITHOME [email protected] Ewa Pietka PHD, Dsc Professor Silesian University of Technology Akademicka 16 PL – 44 101 Gliwice [email protected] The history of Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and PACS in Poland is brief. HIS began in the early 1990’s, and PACS about five years later. From a Polish perspective, it

Cover Story

Author Rodrigo Moreno-Reyes, MD PHD Department of Nuclear Medicine Department Erasme Hospital Brussels, Belgium The clinical impact of nuclear medicine has increased dramatically since the use of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans became routine. It is the management and treatment of cancer patients which has benefited most from clinical PET. The strength of PET used in oncology l

Author Dr. Bich-Ngoc-Thanh Tang, Hospital Erasme RouteDe Lennik 808, 1070 Brussels Belgium E-MAIL : [email protected] TEL: + 32 2 555 3111 (EXT: 5727) FAX + 32 3 555 6800 C-methyl-methionine (MET) is the most celebrated, widely and regularly employed amino acid used as a tumor-imaging agent in positron emission tomography (PET). While MET is easily synthesized (1), the short half

Author Dr. Didier Blocklet Cellular and molecular therapy is one of the fastest growing fields of original clinical research. Pinpointing the traffic and homing of cellular compounds following administration is proving to be of immense importance, as these substances generally target specific organs where they have a set role to play. Research teams strive to ensure that the injected cells fulfil the

Authors Bach-Gansmo T1, Seierstad T2, Bogsrud TV1, Aas M1, Skretting A2 Departments of nuclear medicine1 and medical physics and technology 2. The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo, Norway Introduction The presence of large quantities of 18F-FDG in the urinary bladder as well as changes in activity and volume over time may hamper the detection by PET of pathological accumulation of FDG in, or adj

A New Ultrasound-Based Technology for the Non-Invasive Detection of Cancers in Solid Organs Authors Dror Nir, PHD Advanced Medical Diagnostics 555 Engeland Street, (1180) Brussels TEL: +32-2-600 50 10 [email protected] Andre-Robert Grivegeen, MD Philippe Autier,MD 2 Units of Epidemiology and Prevention Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels The current status and reliability of

ECRI Healthcare Product Comparison

ECRI, a Nonprofit Organisation 5200 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting PA 19462-1298, USA TELEPHONE +1 (610) 825-6000 FAX +1 (610) 834-1275 E-MAIL [email protected] HPCT WERE ORIGINALLY PRINTED JULY 2003 Scope of this Product Comparison This Product Comparison covers positron emission tomography (PET) systems capable of whole-body imaging. Combination PET/computed tomography (CT) systems are

‘Letter from America’

As a more comprehensive response to spiraling costs fueled by nonradiologist self-referral, the American College of Radiology is proposing that Congress place to Medicare patients. Details of the ‘designated physician imager’ (DPI) proposal -- essentially, a federal privileging program -- are still in the works. The college will soon promote the concept to potential sponsors of legislation

Organs with rapidly dividing cell systems, including bone marrow, intestines, and gonads, are known to be more sensitive to ionizing radiation than other anatomic regions. For gonads in particular, a threshold radiation dose of 350-600 cGy may be sufficient to produce permanent sterility. Animal studies suggest that a gonadal radiation dose of 100-150 cGy will produce a genetic mutation rate equal to

Country Focus

Author Dr lgnace Boelaert Radiologst Onze Lieve Vrouwziekenhuis Moorselbaan 164 9300 AALST, Belgium [email protected] In this, the introduction to the Country Focus, I have tried to summarize how medical imaging – specifically radiology – has developed in Belgium and how the current position in respect of qualifications, training and the differences between private practic

Author Dr Karl Merckx Radiologist Hikstraat 43, 2200 Herentals Belgium [email protected] Introduction Along with its neighbours France and Germany, Belgium has a long tradition of organising radiology facilities outside of hospital radiology departments. Until about 1970, the number of ‘private’ practices remained fairly limited, but since that date, has risen to about 110. Out of a

Author Piet Vanhoenacker MD Staff Radiologist ONZE-LIEVE-VROUW Ziekenhuis, Aalst Moorselbaan 164, 9300 AALST Belgium The position of hospital-based radiology in Belgium (excluding academic institutions) is structured according to the type of hospital - private or public- and in conformity with hospital size, generally expressed as the number of beds. In this article I have presented a

Author Dr. Johan De Mey AZ-Vub Laarbeeklaan 101 1090 Brussels Belgium Email: [email protected] Introduction to the Belgian System To understand the Belgian education and health care systems, it is necessary to know something about the structure of the Belgian federal state. The country's federalization process created many new legislatures: aside from the Belgian (Federal) govern

My Opinion

Interviewee Paul Veithen Can You Tell Us a Little About Yourself and Your Experience in the Field of Imaging I have been with Agfa for about 35 years and have spent ten years as CEO of Agfa Canada. It was then that I learned how a strong team can build a powerful market position, with thoughtful acquisitions and an innovative spirit - even when resources are scarce. In healthcare, we were offerin

Conference Preview

Author Paul Vine Managing Editor Imaging Management FIGURE: Professor Helen Carty Chairman of the Executive ECR WWW.ECR.ORG This year’s European congress of Radiology takes place between the 4th and the 8th March 2005 in Vienna. In her introduction to the congress programme, the chairman of the Executive committee, Prof Helen Carty looks forward to the most successful congress ever wi

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