The revelations of Edward Snowden made it once again clear: “Big Brother” is watching us everywhere. It is not up to me to comment on the ethical impact of the U.S. National Security Agency, in particular as I was wondering why no western government was complaining against this infringement of our privacy. But it brings the incredible impact of IT into the spotlight. “IT Really is Everywhere”


New research from the European Health Technology Institute (EHTI) confirms that there is no uniform relationship between medtech innovation and an increase in healthcare expenditure. The impact of medical technology on healthcare costs is a result of multiple, dynamic factors, such as whether a technology expands the number of treatable conditions, improves the capacity of the system to treat more patients

Currently in pilot stage, the epSOS project aims to design, build and evaluate a service infrastructure that demonstrates cross-border interoperability between electronic health record systems in Europe. Since 19 June 2013 Swiss citizens are able to make use of the epSOS Patient Summary service when going to another epSOS piloting country. The University Hospitals of Geneva as participating pilot sit

The prospect of limiting magnetic resonance imaging in healthcare due to European legislation protecting workers from radiation has been averted after a decision by the European Parliament in June. MRI in healthcare has been exempted from the regulations, which limit exposure to electromagnetic radiation and oblige employers to assess and reduce risk. Healthcare organisations are obliged to take measures t

Cover Story:Social Media

Author Dr. Lorenzo Faggioni Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology University Hospital of Pisa Pisa, Italy [email protected] Social media have now become familiar companions to everyday life, thanks to the widespread diffusion and ongoing technological evolution of highly portable mobile devices wirelessly connected to the Internet. In parallel, an increasingly large number

Interviewee Dr. Roland Talanow President, Radiolopolis Lincoln, CA, United States [email protected] Interviewed by Claire Pillar Managing Editor With so much information available on the Internet, the advantages of a one stop shop are clear. One such resource is Radiolopolis (http://www.radiolopolis.com), which brings together a wealth of information resources and tools for the ra

Interviewee Dr. Bertalan Meskó Founder and Managing Director Webicina.com Interviewed by Claire Pillar Managing Editor Search for “social media and medicine” in Google, and the Social MEDia course from Webicina is the top result. Webicina founder Dr. Bertalan Meskó is an acknowledged expert on using social media in the medical field and says he is working on becoming a medical fut

Imaging Insights

Author Aparna Annam DO, FAAP Chair, RSNA Resident and Fellow Committee Pediatric Interventional Radiology Fellow Department of Interventional Radiology Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston TX, USA [email protected] “Residents can’t get sued!” were the inexperienced words from a former classmate during our first year of training. While it’s a novel idea to not be held liable fo

Author Dr. Peter Mackenzie Head of Membership Governance Medical Protection Society Edinburgh, UK [email protected] Clinical negligence claim costs continue to increase in many parts of the world. The growth in preventative screening measures involving radiologists and the increasing use of interventional radiology by providers of healthcare carries with it emerging risks for both cl

By encouraging meaningful physician engagement in the patient experience, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)’s new Radiology Cares ™ campaign offers an effective solution to a common problem radiologists often face: invisibility. “Even though we actively participate in patient care, we’re relatively invisible to the eye of the patient,” said William T. Thorwarth Jr., M.D., a r

Author Prof. Dr. med. Mathias Goyen HealthManagement Editorial Board Member - Industry Adviser Academic Research Director GE Healthcare [email protected] Personalised medicine is all the rage and has become a dominant guiding theme of health research. The focus is on the development of drugs that allow customised treatment. Based on the genetic individuality of each person, patient group

IT Intelligence

Authors Mu-Hsing KUO Andre KUSHNIRUK Elizabeth BORYCKI School of Health Information Science University of Victoria,Canada [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Cloud computing refers to an on-demand self-service network infrastructure that enables the user to access computing resources at anytime from anywhere. Many managers and experts believe that it could have great benefits for

Management Matters

Author Rebekah Page Rogers East Carolina University, Greenville NC,USA [email protected] The healthcare industry is constantly advancing. In the past decade, the healthcare business has grown into a societal superpower that provides critical medical services for citizens and serves as an economic engine for communities. At the same time, the healthcare industry is complex and multifaceted. Due

Cardio Spotlight

Author Sowmya Rajagopalan Program Manager, Healthcare, Frost & Sullivan Cardiovascular diseases account for 31 percent of deaths from all diseases globally and for almost 48 percent of non-communicable disease deaths. It is estimated that by 2030, there are likely to be around 23.6 million cardiovascular deaths. It is considered to be extremely difficult to assess the burden/prevalenc


Authors Prof. Philippe L. Pereira (photo) Director, Clinic of Radiology, Minimally Invasive Therapies and Nuclear Medicine Dr. Ernst Hohenstein Senior Physician, Clinic of Radiology, Minimally Invasive Therapies and Nuclear Medicine Prof. Jens Rassweiler Director, Clinic of Urology Prof. Uwe Martens Director, Clinic for Oncology, Haematology and Palliative Medicine SLK

In Focus

Authors Jared A. Greenberg, MD (photo) Section of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Medicine University of Chicago,Chicago, US [email protected] John P. Kress, MD Section of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Department of Medicine, University of Chicago Chicago, US In this Article, We Discuss the Emergence of Healthcare-Associated Bacterial Inf


Interviewee Dr. Waleska Santos President of HOSPITALAR Interviewed by Claire Pillar Managing Editor Each May Brazil hosts the Hospitalar Fair and Forum, which is the leading medical fair in South America.HealthManagement spoke to its founder and President, Dr. Waleska Santor. Hospitalar has Grown from its Beginnings in 1992 to Become the Leading Medical Fair in South America. What are

Acknowledgements Sandhya Kamath, Industry Manager (Health & Wellness) Darshana De Industry Analyst (Medical Devices & Imaging) Frost & Sullivan are well known for their market analysis and insights. Managing Editor Claire Pillar putquestions about the future of imaging and other medical technologies to Ankit Shukla, Practice Director– Technical Insights, Frost & Sullivan.


Brazil is the 7th largest economy in the world, and the largest country in South America in both area and population. Brazil has a public healthcare system, funded by the government, called SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde – Unified Health System), which supplies healthcare to most of the population, and a private system, funded by private health insurance and businessmen. SUS was created in 1988 by t


Author Ciara Madden Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe Vienna, Austria The CIRSE Annual Meeting has long been a central hub for anyone with a professional interest in imageguided, minimally invasive medicine; interventional radiology (IR). The meeting attracts a spectrum of participants as extensive as the discipline itself, from interventional radiologists to va

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