Dear readers, The session on regrets at the Management in Radiology congress of the European Society of Radiologists produced some very interesting scenarios which I am sure strikes a chord for many in senior management positions. However one of the themes that emerged from the sessions emphasised the pitfalls in managing people. Radiologists who take up management posts will understand the business of d

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This year's edition of the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe (CIRSE) takes place in Munich, Germany from 10 – 14 September. Congress Venue The congress venue is the International Congress Centre München (ICM), a part of the Internationale Messe München, an architecturally fascinating renovation of the "old airport" of Munich. The ICM is one

The joint Annual Scientific Meetings of the ISCAS, EuroPACS, CAR, CAD and CMI societies are scheduled to take place during 2011 in Berlin from June 22 – 25. The CARS Congress Organising Committee invites you to join them in Berlin in June 2011, if you work in the fields of radiology, surgery, engineering, informatics and/or healthcare management and have an interest in topics, such as Image- and model-

The deadline for registering for the IHE Connectathon is fast approaching. To be held April 11 – 15, the IHE Connectathon is a landmark event for health information systems in Europe. During the five-day marathon more than 90 companies will continuously test the interoperability and connectivity of new products. This year IHE Connectathon is attracting a record number of project managers, policy makers a

The recently-held Management in Radiology (MIR) Winter Course, providing intensive coaching in the latest business, economic and strategic management trends, was held successfully from Thursday January 20, until Saturday January 22. An interactive and informative settings, the programme is designed to build a practical skill set over a three-day period, in order that each delegate will leave with new insig

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The 9th edition of the High-level e-health conference will take place 10 – 13 May 2011 in Budapest, Hungary within the e-health week together with the World of Health IT Conference and Exhibition. European healthcare establishments are facing substantial challenges over the next decade, such as significant demographic changes and reduced human resources, forcing European leaders to re-design the European

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The survival rate of women with hereditary predisposition to breast cancer substantially increases if they are screened using MRI. This scan detects twice as many tumours as a mammogram does and detects the tumours at an early stage. Early detection can in many cases prevent cancer metastasis. This is the result of a large Dutch study by six academic institutions and cancer centres, led by Erasmus MC. The

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Six Top Radiologists Share the Lessons they Learned Each year, top Chairmen from medical imaging departments across the world get together at a dedicated management congress where an innovative tradition is evolving. Dubbed simply the "Management Forum", a select number of medical imaging managers gather before the audience to share their unique professional management strategies in an interactive session

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Author: Dr. Gideon Praveen Kumar Industry Analyst,Medical Technologies Frostand Sullivan In 2009, the global market for ultrasound imaging equipment was estimated to be worth 4.9 billion dollars; 6 percent less than in 2008, impeded by factors such as healthcare spending cuts and postponed equipment purchasing in Western Europe and North America. The market is expected to grow to more than 5.3 billion dol

Hi Vision PreirusA Compact Premium Ultrasound Platform That Adapts to Your Environment A new generation premium compact ultrasound platform with the latest broadband beamforming technology and ultra high speed processing capabilityCombined with Hitachi’s extensive transducer range the platform supports all clinical applications from general imaging to interventional, endoscopic, and surgical specialties


Authors: Dr. Bruce J. Kimura Medical Director Cardiovascular Ultrasound,Department of Cardiology Dr. Stan A. Amundson Director Internal Medicine Residency Dr. David Shaw Director Graduate Medical Education,Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego, California [email protected] Accurate First Impressions Crucial Obtaining an accurate initial diagnostic assessment is the goal of every clinician, but

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Authors: Prof. Marika Bajc Prof. Björn Jonson Department of Clinical Physiology, University Hospital Lund Lund, Sweden [email protected] The clinical spectrum of pulmonary embolism (PE) ranges from asymptomatic to sudden death. PE may be clinically silent (Moser et al. 1994) or may present as unexplained breathlessness, chest pain (central or pleuritic), cough, haemoptysis, syncope, palpitations, ta

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Author: Prof. José Vilar Department of Radiology, Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset. Valencia, Spain [email protected] As technological advances and knowledge progress, imaging techniques continue to grow at a fast pace. Utilisation of different radiology services varies significantly. A study performed in the United States demonstrated that these variations are not totally related to economic development

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Authors: Dr. Tobias Schilling Dr. Samir Sarikouch Prof. Dr. Christian Hagl Prof. Dr. Axel Haverich Prof. Björn Jonson Cardiothoracic, Transplantation and Vascular Surgery, Hannover Medical School Hannover, Germany [email protected] As an integral part of the strategic organisation of a hospital, clinical research in academic medicine has to serve diverse stakeholders and meet sometimes cont

Country Focus: Bulgaria

Author: Prof. Vassil Hadjidekov Chairman Dept. of Diagnostic Imaging University Hospital "Alexandrovska" Sofia, Bulgaria President, Bulgarian Association of Radiologists [email protected] Radiology Department Houses Bulgaria's Only University Teaching Structure. The department of diagnostic imaging at the University Hospital "Alexandrovska" in our nation's capital, Sofia, is the oldest hospital depar

Interviewee Assoc. Prof. Jenia Vassileva Head of Radiation Protection, Medical Exposure Section National Centre of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection Sofia, Bulgaria [email protected] Reporting Dervla Gleeson Managing Editor, IMAGING Management Dr. Jenil Vassileva is a medical physicist working as head of the radiation protection & medical exposure department at the National Centre of Radiobi

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