XPOMET ® Medicinale Welcomes Applications to its HealthHackathon

XPOMET ® Medicinale Welcomes Applications to its HealthHackathon
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Ideas, concepts, collaboration – XPOMET Medicinale, the Future Health and Care Festival, is welcoming innovators to its event in October. Beyond the manifold offerings from showcases to performances, XPOMET Medicinale comes with a format dedicated to IT specialists, engineers, physicians and medical students, researchers, as well as indeed anybody motivated to create new solutions are invited to participate. The HealthHackathon will allow them to connect, exchange ideas, and create proofs-of-concept and minimum viable products designed to improve care.

Let’s envisage the year 2025: by that time, digitization will finally have penetrated all areas of the health market – including medical technology, pharma, medical and nursing services, hospital management, payor services, public health, and many more. What will be the solutions which ensure better patient outcomes and the reduction of the workload of healthcare workers?

XPOMET Medicinale is making a major contribution to progress. From 10 to 12 October 2019, innovators from multiple disciplines will work together in an open atmosphere to develop solutions geared towards filling real needs. Organizers are welcoming topics (“challenges”) with both a global as well as local approaches, including telemedicine and machine learning, applications based on patient data with the use of artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and data analytics. Other applications might be in the areas of legally binding documentation of security audits of medical systems and creating decentralized structures and/or the integration of Distributed Ledger Technology into the backends of hospital systems. Organizers expect to see solutions focusing on inpatient and outpatient care but also on connected care for the elderly and chronically ill in community and rural settings.

You can apply for the #healthhackathon19 as a team, an individual, or a mentor – free of charge.

Apply to participate, and to win one of the prizes worth 15,000 Euros in total with your team. Applications are invited until 1 September 2019; selection of participants and teams will take place by 7 September, and successful applicants will be informed on 8 September. Challenges will be communicated to teams on 15 September, a preparation phase follows ending 10 October. The HealthHackathon takes place 10-12 October 2019.

HealthHackathon is a format of XPOMET Medicinale, organized by The Impact Farm. For further information, including scholarship options, and to apply, please cf. www.healthhackathon.com.

Published on : Tue, 25 Jun 2019

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