Activinsights celebrates success in the 2018 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

Activinsights celebrates success in the 2018 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise
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Activinsights has won Britain’s top business accolade, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, for its global data services and professional wearables.

Activinsights – a world leader in delivering lifestyle insights and behavioural data analysis for healthcare professionals – is enjoying success after winning Britain’s top business accolade, the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category. The UK SME, based in Cambridgeshire, has extensive expertise in the analysis of human activities and behaviours using professional wearables. Its innovative platform and secure data infrastructure digitally support healthcare services in over 40 countries, aiding diagnosis, recovery, lifestyle management and personalised behaviour change programmes. The company’s global data services use open standards to integrate with its own professional wearables, GENEActiv™ and the Activinsights Band, and any other connected device or app.
Heart and respiratory diseases, obesity and diabetes present an enormous challenge for healthcare providers, and lifestyle is crucial to the prevention, treatment and management of these conditions. The waterproof Activinsights Band operates for up to a year without charging, and offers accurate lifestyle measurements to improve health and performance. Instant data analysis generates tailored reports containing a variety of different metrics and visualisations, such as physical activity and sleep patterns, providing behavioural insights for healthcare professionals. The Activinsights Band is complemented by the scientifically-validated GENEActiv product range, which is extensively used in research and clinical trials applications.
Richard Thomas, Managing Director, said: “Activinsights is the global, trusted source of behavioural and lifestyle data insight for professionals who are developing innovative services to improve quality of life. We are proud to have received recognition of this achievement from the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, building on our success at the 2017 Wearable Tech Show Awards, where we won the Digital Health Technology Award. It sets the scene for an exciting future, tackling global healthcare challenges with products and services made in Britain.”

Source & Image Credit: Activinsights

Published on : Mon, 14 May 2018

accelerometer; lifestyle measurements; behavioural data; professional wearables; Queen’s Awards, Activinsights Activinsights celebrates success in the 2018 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

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