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Taher Shams
My management mantra is to simply follow up.
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Taher Shams, a passionate management professional, is responsible for the daily operations and overall management of Zulekha Healthcare Group, including Zulekha Hospitals in the UAE as well as the new Alexis Hospital in India. A gold medallist in marketing and finance, Mr. Taher Shams began his career with the Zulekha Healthcare Group and has grown through the ranks on the back of a wide spectrum of contributions. He is credited with prolific growth registered by the Zulekha Healthcare Group and his revolutionary approach.
in 2015 the Zulekha Healthcare Group was awarded the prestigious Dubai Quality Award for the second time in four years, having met the commitment to providing high quality healthcare to patients and society at large.

1.     What are your key areas of interest and research?

Having grown with pioneers in the healthcare sector, I have always been interested in exploring the areas of technology that would transcend traditional approaches in medical services.

For example, four years ago Zulekha Hospitals implemented the use of PACS which made it possible for our patients to access their medical imaging files online. It has since become a standard practice among many healthcare providers, but being first to offer and experience cutting-edge technologies in the medical field is my constant endeavour.

Currently, we’re about to launch a smartphone app that will allow our patients to have access to their medical records on mobile devices and I’m confident this step will soon become a norm in the healthcare world, too.


2.     What are the major challenges in your field?

The major challenge we’re facing now is limited skilled manpower.  I’m expecting this to change, however, with the rapid growth of investment in the healthcare sector in the UAE.

Soon the country will become a hub for medical tourism and it already has the right infrastructure in place: it boasts the largest airport in the world and world-class hotel groups. By 2020, Dubai will develop into ‘the place to be’ for medical practitioners and attracting international talent will no longer be an issue.


3.     What is your top management tip?

My management mantra is to simply follow up. To ensure achievement of desired end results in time, one needs to continuously follow up on tasks with their team. This makes my staff feel valued and ensures we stay on the right track together.


4.     What would you single out as a career highlight?

Being able to wake up to the purpose of driving such a huge healthcare conglomerate to greater success is a major boost for me. Over the years the journey of moving successfully from one venture to another has helped me grow and learn something new on a daily basis, especially when it comes to balancing consumer-business expectations. I still learn every day and I am grateful that the goal of my work is to serve and help people.

5.     What are your personal interests outside of work?

Travelling and biking are challenges outside of work help me manage stress levels, re-energise, and gain a different perspective on organisational and management goals.


6.     Your favourite quote?

“Efficiencies come with continuous excellence. Tomorrow always needs to be better than today”.  In other words, expect the unexpected, as I believe we should always look ahead and think about tomorrow as an opportunity for solving the problems we’re facing today.


7.     Your corporate message

From humble beginnings to a modern multispecialty facility, we have preserved the Zulekha spirit.  Our mission is to remain competent and courteous ambassadors of healthcare.

Published on : Tue, 2 Feb 2016

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