Upgraded CytoDiff CXP Software for HematoFlow Enhances Confidence in Flow Cytometry

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Beckman Coulter has introduced an advanced version of the innovative CytoDiff CXP Autogating Software. The new software is an integral part of the company’s HematoFlow solution — combining diagnostic reagent, hematology and flow cytometry hardware and IT expertise.  

The introduction of Version 2 CytoDiff CXP Autogating software is designed to give laboratories added confidence in the use of flow cytometry in the routine hematology lab for the auto-validation of abnormal samples.  Easy-to-use, the advanced Version 2 software further improves sub-population classifications.  It adds new features, such as greater precision in the removal of potential interference and metrics that provide a new ‘confidence level’ on population classification. The new software simplifies the review process making it easier to validate results with greater certainty.

HematoFlow with the CytoDiff five-colour antibody cocktail and CXP Autogating Software make it possible to use the precision of flow cytometry to deliver extended white blood cell (WBC) differential results with far greater consistency than manual microscopic assessment.  The five-colour antibody cocktail, the CytoDiff, uses six monoclonal antibodies to establish the differential.  

“HematoFlow with CytoDiff CXP Autogating Software offers enhanced performance by delivering flow cytometry expertise alongside cutting edge image analysis technology applied to each of the multiple population classifiers,” explained Dr. Josee Naegelen, hematology marketing manager, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Global Product Management and Strategy.

“The routine use of flow cytometry for validating abnormal samples can improve workflow and turnaround time as well as providing access to additional diagnostic information for patients,” said Dr. Naegelen. “This has a significant impact on the lab, enabling it to handle increasing workloads with greater confidence.”

European laboratories are already working with Beckman Coulter to increase confidence in the routine use of flow cytometry in the hematology process for validating abnormal samples. Hospitals including University Hospital, Rennes and Bordeaux in France, Erasme University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium and several private labs are successfully adopting this approach.  They are using Beckman Coulter’s FC 500 flow cytometer and the CytoDiff reagent to establish the extended flow WBC differential, detecting and quantifying normal and abnormal population subsets.

For more information, visit: Beckman Coulter

Published on : Fri, 17 May 2013

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Industry, Diagnostics, laboratory Beckman Coulter has introduced an advanced version of the innovative CytoDiff CXP Autogating Software. The new software is an integral part of th

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