Telemedicine-Driven Programme Fast-Tracks Fertility Treatment

Telemedicine-Driven Programme Fast-Tracks Fertility Treatment
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Penn Medicine recently launched a telemedicine driven programme which allows patients to start their treatment faster. The programme, known as Fast Track to Fertility, reduces the time between when patients initially seek support to when they actually receive their first treatment by 50%. This allows them to fast-track the process, drawing them closer to parenthood by approximately a month and a half.


In the U.S.around one in eight couples experience infertility. However, this programme aims to improve this unfortunate situation, having already allowed more than 1,000 new patients to access fertility treatment faster than normal.


A small team of advanced practice providers are deployed to speed up the process for new patients by providing them with efficient telemedicine-based visits as quickly as possible.  Additionally, patients are given the chance to enrol in an AI-guided text messaging programme to support them though the process.


Suneeta Senapati, MD, co-founder and assistant professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, explained, “Both partners in a couple need to complete a workup, which can include blood work, ultrasounds, X-rays, semen analysis, and more. Some parts of this are dependent on the menstrual cycle, making it a time-sensitive process, so making it as easy as possible to quickly work through – with minimal confusion – is invaluable”.


In 2021, Fast Track to Fertility became the standard of care across Penn Medicine’s department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Results demonstrated the success of this programme;the number of new patients increased in the year that it was implemented by 24%, and appointment no-shows reduced from 40% to 20%.


Furthermore, patients and practice providers demonstrated a high level of satisfaction with the system. As these care models improve efficiency and help to accommodate the growing demands for fertility services, it is hoped that this programme can be expanded to support patients throughout their fertility journey.


Source Penn Medicine News

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Published on : Thu, 3 Nov 2022

telemedicine, gynaecology, infertility, Fertility Treatment Penn Medicine recently launched a telemedicine driven programme which allows patients to start their treatment faster.

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