New Hybrid Healthcare Role Targets Patient Costs

Douglas Thompson
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Neighbourhood Health Plan (NHP) and Partners HealthCare announced they have appointed long-time health professional Douglas Thompson as NHP Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Partners Population Health Finance in a new position that highlights the shared goals of the affiliation

Thompson will lead NHP’s Finance Department and Provider Network team. Reporting directly to NHP President and CEO David Segal and working closely with the NHP executive leadership team. Thompson will oversee financial operations of the health plan, including accounting, budgeting, long range and capital planning, financial reporting, revenue and programme integrity management, data and medical trend analytics, actuarial

services, and underwriting.

Working with both Partners and NHP, Thompson will provide leadership on integration and advancement of new population health models, including payment mechanisms and investments, with the goal of keeping members and patients healthy by avoiding the need for emergency room visits or costly hospitalisations.

The new hybrid position will allow Partners and NHP to leverage their partnership to develop more closely integrated and effective models of high quality healthcare that are on the leading edge of cost-saving innovations.

Thompson’s dual responsibilities reflect changes in health care that require providers and insurers to share the financial risk for treatment outcomes as the industry evolves from a traditional fee-for-service payment system to an alternative system based on defined budgets calculated to meet individual patient needs.

As interim CFO since November 2014, Thompson collaborated with NHP’s Clinical Department on medical savings initiatives that contributed to improving NHP’s financial performance. 

“Doug is a consummate professional whose skill and experience was on display over the past year as he helped NHP navigate through a difficult financial period,” said NHP President and CEO David Segal. “His stewardship of our ambitious cost control efforts helped to place NHP on stronger financial footinglast year, and we look forward to benefiting from his continued leadership.”

“As health care evolves, providers and insurers are increasingly being asked to work differently and to work together,” said Peter K. Markell, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at Partners HealthCare. “Doug has the expertise to help integrate Partners’ efforts to reshape and improve patient care with NHP’s work to craft innovative payment models that keep costs inline.”

Thompson said he looks forward to integrating the experience, skill, perspectives, and infrastructure of a health plan like NHP with the talents and professionalism of a high-quality health care provider like Partners “so that,

together, we can think proactively about keeping our members and patients healthy while successfully managing the financial risk the delivery system is now taking on.”

He added, “I am passionate about furthering the mission of NHP and Partners by helping to lead the transition from volume to value.” 

Thompson has over 25 years of leadership experience in finance within managed care and health care delivery settings, and the public sector.


Source: Neighbourhood Health Plan

Image Credit: Boston Business Journal

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Published on : Mon, 30 May 2016

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