Massive Social Media Support for eHealth Ireland

Massive Social Media Support for eHealth Ireland
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It looks like support for eHealth in Ireland is alive and well; eHealth Ireland announced a positive public reaction in the days following the long-awaited launch of its multi-platform website “We are delighted with the significant reaction received to date on Social Media following our launch on June 17,” CIO Richard Corbridge said.

The site includes the Knowledge and Information Plan of Ireland’s eHealth Strategy, details on strategic programmes and a fascinating selection of case studies involving eHealth applications.
Tweets poured in after the site hit the web. “Great to see case studies highlighting benefits of eHealth technology,” said @delightdmary.
“Great work happening in Ireland, the eHealth engine is well and truly   revving up,” @miker488 said.

The publication of the eHealth Strategy for Ireland in late 2013 identified the critical role of eHealth in enabling fundamental reforms of the health service.  The aim is for eHealth to become a catalyst for the reform of health care in Ireland in areas such as health services systems and organisation, clinical knowledge of a wide range of care and care processes and health innovation.

“eHealth Ireland is encouraging and empowering all health care staff throughout Ireland to engage with the plan,” Corbridge said. “Accumulation and enhancement of clinical knowledge and timely access to the right information are critical to delivering better patient care. However, unlocking the knowledge and information within a health system takes more than simply having a technology strategy, a digital health system and a technology-operating model. In your hands is the key to deliver a truly digitally connected health experience, made real over the next five years, for the whole country.”

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Published on : Wed, 24 Jun 2015

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