Hospital Meals: Sit Up for Better Health

Patient meals
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New research published in Journal of Advanced Nursing has confirmed what healthcare professionals have always known; patients often eat poorly, and that the hospital mealtime environment may contribute to this problem.

Wiley researchers observed 601 meals in four hospital wards during 2013 and made the following interesting findings:

·      Mealtime interruptions did not significantly impact patients' meal intake;

·      How patients were positioned--ideally sitting up or out of bed did have an impact;

·      Whether they received mealtime assistance in a timely manner also affected intake.

"Hospital mealtimes can be busy and chaotic for staff and patients alike. This study suggests that focusing on correctly positioning and helping patients with their meal can make a difference to the amount that patients eat, which ultimately may help them on their way to a faster recovery," said Dr. Adrienne Young, lead author of the study.
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Source: Eureka

Image Credit: Food Management

Published on : Mon, 28 Mar 2016

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