Health Leadership in Europe Leveraged in New Media Partnership

 Health Leadership in Europe Leveraged in New Media Partnership
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The European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) and Enter New Agreement


EAHM and will partner to foster healthcare management and leadership in Europe, by leveraging in mutual expertise and network. 


With both parties supporting the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration and sharing of excellence, the collaboration will put the development of cutting-edge leadership and management firmly at the centre of the European healthcare landscape at a time when the sector faces critical challenges in sustainability and IT implementation.


“It is with great excitement that we have entered into a new partnership with It is a publication we are looking forward to distribute widely to all our members across the 25 associations in Europe,” Gerry O’Dwyer, EAHM President said. “The journal will lead the way forward will, support challenges we have and give us a huge opportunity to exchange information across all of our member associations and worldwide.

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Appointed as official media partner, will grant EAHM members the privilege of subscription and access to the media platform, relay any activities and announce and cover the association events.


Furthermore, EAHM will also actively participate in – The Journal content via the curatorship of the Executive Management editorial board, attracting individuals in management, leadership and health management academia. This will allow EAHM to engage with many concerned stakeholders and provides a unique opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and to further its objectives.


“We have signed an important agreement with to become our publication for the years to come. We aim for a good communication and visibility of our association, and present in an efficient way our activities and views on the management of hospitals in Europe,” Marc Hastert, EAHM Vice President, Luxembourg said.


Klaus Koller, President EAHM EXEC Editorial Committee in Austria, said he though the EAHM could contribute to the HealthManagement journal in a constructive manner.As hospital managers we want to contribute to HeathManagement with our operational know-how, expertise and in-depth knowledge, as we believe that this widely distributed, great journal is a fantastic platform to conduct our public relations and to disseminate our message broadly to our members,” he said.

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Published on : Mon, 14 Nov 2016

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