Crucial Training for ACA

Crucial Training for ACA
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Two Rutgers schools are teaming up to train healthcare managers to face multiple challenges arising from the ongoing transition to Affordable Care. Complicated requirements on measuring provision of healthcare to millions of patients is creating a rapidly-changing sector and Rutgers is offering training to help managers keep up with the pace.


The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) triple aim of improving quality, controlling costs and extending the reach of health care is creating new pressures for healthcare management and even experienced leaders need a skills upgrade to deal with it, the sector has said.


To this end, Rutgers School of Management and Labour Relations and Rutgers School of Health Professions are launching a joint Certified Health Care Manager programme in February 2017.

The programme will run over three-semesters and has been devised with aspiring and established mid-level health care managers in mind.

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The schools created the programme through consultation with leaders of major organisations in the field to find out what new skills were emerging and needed to be honed.

Focus groups with healthcare professionals were also part of devising the course and gathered information from industry. Key skills that emerged as priorities under ACA included handling regulatory and metrics requirements, leadership and business skills.


“The need to balance cost, quality and patient satisfaction has transformed the culture of hospitals and providers,” said Rutgers. “The focus on population health – improving overall health outcomes – is requiring them to be more collaborative, develop strategic partnerships and take a more holistic look at health beyond a crisis management perspective.”


The programme is structured in three 10-module sections that focus on the following:


  • Regulatory, demographic and tech changes in healthcare;
  • Data analytics and metrics skills needed to measure performance and outcomes;
  • Business competencies;
  • Leadership skills for a field that rewards providers for keeping patients healthy and reducing readmissions.

The programme has been devised to coincide with the continuing expansion of ACA which has seen 20 million people gaining access to healthcare since its launch in 2010.


Source: Rutgers

Image Credit: US News

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Published on : Tue, 18 Oct 2016

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