5 Medical Technologies That Will Change the Future

5 Medical Technologies That Will Change the Future
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There truly are some inspiring and progressive innovations that promise great potential for medicine and healthcare. From augmented reality to 3D printing, we’ve bundled up a list of the latest and most remarkable developments in everyday medical practices. Our list of products, tools and objects demonstrate the potential technology holds for the future of medicine…

1) Augmented Reality iPad App

A clinic in Germany is experimenting with an application using augmented reality that can guide surgeons during tumour removal. The revolutionary iPad app helps surgeons perform precise excisions in liver tumours without damaging critical vessels. The app software automatically transfers the vessel structure of the organ onto the iPad screen using the camera which assists surgeons whilst navigating the exposed liver. The app has already been successfully tested during a liver tumour removal at Asklepios Klinik Barmbek in Hamburg.

source: medgadget.com

2) Smart Wireless Pill Bottles

The introduction of Smart Wireless Pill Bottles can improve medication adherence and compliance as well as decrease the cost of delivering healthcare. The innovative solution reminds patients and/or caregivers when a dose has been missed through a range of customisable features such as a phone call or text message. The pill bottle turns blue when a dose should be taken and red when it has been missed. The system created by AdhereTech automatically compares what patients are doing, to what they should be doing – with aims to provide an overall improvement in patient health.

source: adheretech.com

3) QardioCore

Free from patches and wires! A new chest strap that monitors hearth health is soon to hit markets. This discreet and easy to wear product uses sensors to record medically accurate continuous ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature and activity data, giving patients and doctors a deeper insight into hearth health. This data is automatically shared with medical professionals or is synched to the free Qardio app or Apple’s Health app. The breakthrough technology aims to improve health monitoring and preventative care
and will be available to users in April 2017. 

          source: getqardio.com

4) iKnife

Scientists at the Imperial College London have designed an ‘intelligent’ knife that can detect tumours to improve cancer surgery. The dangerous and common problem of leaving parts of a tumour in a patient has been overcome thanks to this ground-breaking tool which can allegedly identify cancerous tissue within seconds. The surgical iKnife uses heat to cut through the tissue and gives off smoke to help detect differences between cancerous and healthy tissue. The product is now being tested in clinical trials to see if it can potentially save lives.

source: http://imperialbrc.nihr.ac.uk

5) 3D Printed Drugs

The development of 3D printed drugs is re-designing the pharmaceutical world and how we deliver healthcare. Patients will be able to go to an online drugstore with their digital prescription, purchase the blueprint and chemical ink and then print the drug in the comfort of their own home. Although 3D printed drugs may cause issues with regulation, they will positively make a life- and cost-saving impact.

source: computerworld.com

It’s safe to say these developments will dramatically affect healthcare. We look forward to seeing what these technologies will bring for the future in medicine.  

Angela Stephanou
Senior Editor

Image Credit: PixaBay

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Published on : Fri, 27 Jan 2017

medical technology, augmented reality From augmented reality to 3D printing, we’ve bundled up a list of the latest and most remarkable developments in everyday medical practices.

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