HealthManagement, Volume 16, Issue 1/2014

The Italian Association of Hospital Medical Directors (ANMDO)

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C. Del Giudice

Vice President

A. Scarmozzino

Piemonte Regional President

G. Finzi


K. Kob

Secretary of the Board

UL Aparo

Scientific Secretary

ANMDO – National Association of Hospitals Medical Directors


The Italian National Association of Hospital Medical Directors (ANMDO) was founded in 1947 by a group of Medical Directors following a concept presented by Prof. Foltz, Medical Director in Torino.


The mission of the Association included:

1. To contribute to improvement of the organisation of the hospital;

2.To improve specialisation courses in order to ensure the technical and professional training of doctors who wish to carry out management functions;

3.To organise specific cultural events addressed to all hospital doctors;

4.To develop a platform for exchange and close consultation between professionals who work together to provide hospital care and fulfil their missions;

5.To improve and protect the ethical and economic issues related to management activities; and

6. To improve the dialogue with foreign hospital associations, and to join international organisations with similar goals.


In parallel, the official journal of the association “L’Ospedale” is published. The goal of the journal is to share and inform on the common and special interests of all its members, especially in terms of hospital hygiene and hospital management.


Under the guidance of Prof. Foltz, President of the association from 1947 to 1967, ANMDO defined the role of Hospital Medical Directors, raising the cultural prestige of the members of the association and improving the functions of the hospital medical directors transposed in 1968 in the Italian National Reform of Hospitals (Mariotti law).


Over the years ANMDO adapted its internal organisation to the numerous reforms introduced into the Italian healthcare system that called for management changes with important consequences for the medical hospital director activities. In 1978 the Italian National Health Service was created based on the idea that the health protection of all Italian people is guaranteed by public institutions. Key facets are solidarity, universality and equity. In 1992 and 1993 a new Italian National Reform of the Healthcare system entrusted to the different Regions the responsibility of healthcare delivery and introduced the concept of public health enterprises to be managed as private enterprises. ANMDO has taken account of these changes and adapted its statutes and mission accordingly. ANMDO includes a National President, the National Board where the different Regions are represented, a National Scientific Secretary and a National Union Secretary.


Since 2003 Prof. Gianfranco Finzi has been National President of ANMDO.

The current mission of ANMDO is:

1. To improve the role of hospital medical directors;

2. To improve the training of association members in managerial, legal and economic areas and in hospital hygiene and hospital techniques;

3. To develop a short term and long term strategy for the hospital sector and a platform for exchange and close consultation between the ANMDO members with the objective of coming to agreement on the major issues in the public and private sector;

4. To conduct negotiations on behalf of its members with national and regional institutions and to mediate between its members and the public authorities and social institutions:

5. To work together with its members to promote scientific and technical progress and innovation;

6. To contribute to ensuring the sustainability of the national health service;

7. To improve quality and safety in healthcare; and

8. To organise and develop relationships with foreign hospital associations and to join international organisations with similar goals.


In 2010 ANMDO joined the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM). This has opened up new opportunities for the association to interact with European hospital managers sharing different experiences and information.

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Authors: C. Del Giudice Vice President A. Scarmozzino Piemonte Regional President G. Finzi President K. Kob Secretary of the Board UL A...

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