Imaging Management, Volume 12, Issue 3 / 2010

News from the European Association of Hospital Managers

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George Witte

The sudden and unexpected decease of George Witte has touched the EAHM deeply. George Witte was a remarkable standard bearer on different levels, at local level as president of the Board of Rivierduinen and nationally as for example, vice-president of the GGZ NL (Mental Health Organisation, Netherlands). Within EAHM, he was active within the Working Party Psychiatry. He even led this Party as president in the past years.


The EAHM wishes to express its sincerest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

The EAHM-Website Reshaped

The website of our association was in need of a reshape since its launch in 2004, focusing on the one hand on hospital management and hospital managers and on the other hand our member associations.


The website is building up a “European overview” on hospital management through documents, links and news. The current “themes” and “activities” of EAHM also receive a prominent place on the website. The “document” section gives an overview of press releases, presentations and our magazine (E)Hospital. An overview of judgements by the European Court of Justice, congresses and links of interest for hospital managers are provided in the “resource center”.


Registered users can look up hospital directors in the “who is who” section as well as information on our member associations.


The new platform of our website also creates possibilities to deliver new information and updates faster. These can be provided by EAHM but also by our member associations, every individual hospital director or registered person. Documents, news, links and activities can be shared through the “contribute” section.


Finally the homepage of our website contains a poll; a short question on a particular theme. The opening poll is


“What is currently your main concern?” with the following options “1) Budget/ Financing, 2) Human Resources, 3) (Re)organisation, 4) Quality, 5) Legal affairs and 6) Other”.


The website is launched in English, translation in French and German is underway.


We invite you to visit our website, to fill in our poll and to share information with your colleagues through the “contribute” section.

Willy Heuschen Receives HMI Fellowship

On March 26th 2010, Mr. Willy Heuschen, General Secretary of the EAHM, received the HMI Fellowship from HMI President Denis Doherty in recognition for his great contribution to the health services in Ireland and Europe.

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George WitteThe sudden andunexpected decease of George Witte has touched the EAHM deeply. George Wittewas a remarkable standard bearer on different levels,

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