Imaging Management, Volume 11, Issue 2 / 2009

Facing the Crisis

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First the financial crisis, now the economic crisis. At this point in time, nobody can possibly predict how long the crisis will continue. Surveys and prognoses are of little help, they increase insecurity and may even aggravate the problem. The development has its roots in the financial sector, it has already reached the real economy, and now it is placing a strain on the global labour market.


So when will the crisis hit the social security systems of European states? It does not take a lot of imagination to note that we will also suffer the consequences in European healthcare. As soon as the job markets announce higher rates of unemployment, the financial basis of our social security systems and hence our hospital care will be affected.


The repercussions can already be felt in hospital management today, especially where the funding of investments is concerned. This is a time that hospital management must – and will – rise to the many additional challenges.


Europe is hitting the election polls this year! Not only for the European development in health- and hospital care does this time between the election and constitution of the newly elected parliament traditionally hold some “time to take a breather”, which will hopefully lead to a necessary rallying of strengths for the future configuration of the “European House”. This will be required for dealing with both the economic and financial crisis as well as with the future design of the EU.


The causes and effects of the financial and economic crisis make it clear to all of us that we need more than just a short-term, “acute” treatment. The questions that need to be asked and answered will have to address the responsibility of the global players with regard to our living together as a society. In any case, this crisis has shown us – and surely that is a positive thing – that we need Europe, and that there is no alternative!


The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the EAHM held the spring meetings in Maastricht and Vaals (NL) on the 25th and 26th of April. These meetings enabled all delegates to join in the celebration of Secretary General Willy Heuschen’s 60th birthday – and his 30 years of service.


Willy Heuschen has been Secretary General of the EAHM since 1998 and has now completed his 30th year as managing hospital director at the St. Nikolaus Hospital in Eupen. Due tribute was paid to Willy Heuschen for all the work he has done for the institutions at Eupen, the hospitals of Belgium and also for his services at the EAHM.


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him again and say thank you for his commitment and dedication, both in the past and in the future, and for all his work for the hospitals of Europe.



Heinz Kölking

Vice President EVKD

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First thefinancial crisis, now the economic crisis. At this point in time, nobody canpossibly predict how long the crisis will continue. Surveys and progno

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