HealthManagement, Volume 13, Issue 3/2011

EAHM: The First Results of Our New Direction

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For the first time since its election and new formation after the 2010 congress in Zurich, Switzerland, the Executive Committee of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) came together. This 92nd meeting took place on May 20th 2011 at the General Secretariat in Brussels.

It was up to the new President, Mr. Heinz Kö lking to welcome all delegates from the national associations coming from 17 different countries. Among them were many colleagues who were participating in their first Executive Committee meeting.

The detailed reports given on the activities of the Sub-Committees and the Working Groups of EAHM confirmed that the decisions made after the reflection process have not been left unheeded.

Mr. Gerry O'Dwyer announced the results of the two meetings of the Scientific Sub- Committee (SSC), which is concentrating on the preparation of the scientific programme for the 2012 EAHM congress in Athens, Greece. In addition, the SSC have defined their working method as a redefinition of the role of the hospital manager, one of the priorities of the new action plan. In his report on the Sub-Committee European Affairs (SCEA), Mr. Marc Hastert illustrated how the committee follows all hospital related news on a European level. The European Cross-Border Healthcare Directive is a priority. In collaboration with other European associations the SCEA is actively preparing the study day, which will take place in Düsseldorf during the Medica congress on 18 November 2011.

As for the Editorial Board, Mr. Nikolaus Koller outlined the work programme to make our journal (E)Hospital even more interesting. The Assistant to the Secretary General, Mr. Jos Vanlanduyt informed the Executive Committee about the programme proposed by the Working Party Hospital IT Managers. After due discussion, the members of the Executive Committee approved the prospective actions.

This year, the new partnerships with companies working in the healthcare sector will be implemented. The Secretary General, Mr. Willy Heuschen presented the Executive Committee with the partnership contract, which is proposed to companies within the sector. The focus is on the exchange and profit that both hospitals and companies can derive from the partnerships while keeping professional ethics and independence. Among the different contacts that EAHM and the national associations have with other companies, six are very interested and one contract is expected to be signed in the coming months. Nevertheless it was emphasised that all companies are welcome as long as they agree with the fixed objectives of the EAHM. The members of the Executive Committee firmly support this new form of partnership and are ready to help.

To Note/Coming Activities

September 15-16, 2011:
"Hospital success by optimised IT contribution – CEO Workshop" Vienna (Austria) 

November 18, 2011:
EAHM Seminar: European Cross-Border Directive Dusseldorf (Germany)


For the first time since its election and new formation after the 2010 congress in Zurich, Switzerland, the Executive Committee of the European Associatio

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