HealthManagement, Volume 11, Issue 4 / 2009

ANMDO Presentation

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L 'A.N.M.D.O. is the National Association of Physicians and Hospital Management in Italy. The President is Dr. Gianfranco Finzi of the University Hospital St. Orsola-Malpighi in Bologna. The Association was formed in Turin on March 21 1946, when the Constitutive Act of the Association was signed by Prof. Foltz and Prof. Giorgetto Pino Negri.


The Association is divided into two sections: union and scientific section. The purpose of the union section is to represent the Association on hygiene and organisational issues and to establish any relations and agreements with other professional unions.


The scientific objectives are as follows:

1) Improving the organisation of hospitals and public health in terms of planning, organisation and administration, hygiene and welfare;

2) Promoting, by means of training, management training courses in accordance with existing regulations, travel and study meetings, the best technical and professional training of doctors;

3)Work with the health authority also for the purpose of modernising the existing provisions on hospital and public health;

4) Issue specific cultural events in the interests of the whole body for hospitals and clinics and doctors;

5) Directly protect the reputation of managers and clinicians in all respects, and

6) Promote cultural exchanges with other similar foreign associations.


In carrying out its activities, the Association may make use of the partners of those people (members or non members) who voluntarily offer their collaboration, the work of its employees and consultants, contributions and funding of institutions, entities or third parties and supporters of constituted heritage.


In furtherance of the purposes of the Association and for the better organisational, managerial and programmatic functioning thereof, the governing bodies can draw on appropriate working groups and / or technical and / or study structured and organised as needed.


The following "ordinary members" may be enrolled in both sections (union and scientific):

a) The medical staff and / or contract staff serving in the Medical Office and Medical Management of Presidio Ospedaliero, the Hospitals, the University Hospitals, public hospitals heads of Local Health Agencies, the IRCCS public and private hospitals classified of the Foundations of public health and private hospitals of private law (nursing homes), and other nursing facilities, however denominated;

b) The Medical Director of hospitals under contract, the Local Health Agencies, the University Hospitals, the IRCCS public or private, public hospitals heads of Local Health Agencies, Hospitals classified conventions and hospitals under private law (nursing homes) and other nursing facilities, however denominated;

c) Physicians involved in the organisation of territorial services and district social health dependent both on five-year contract;

d) The medical specialists in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine or equivalent discipline unstructured, with a frequency continuously documented at the Health Department referred to the previous letters. a) and b), or from social and health districts;

e) Medical hygienists working as Managing Director of Hospitals and Local Health Agencies, doctors or public health workers in service planning and organisation of the regions and autonomous provinces, ministries and regional health agencies and national health institutions already belonging to careers in public health.


The Association is organised in regional bodies, inter-and Autonomous Provinces.


The address of the Secretariat ANMDO is:

ANMDO National Association of Physicians

of the Hospital Management

C / o Directorate Medical Hospital, Via

Massarenti n ° 9 - 40138 Bologna Tel e Fax

051 390512

Web site:

Information: [email protected]


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L 'A.N.M.D.O. is the National Association of Physicians and Hospital Management in Italy. The President is Dr. Gianfranco Finzi of the University Hospital

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