EAHM 2016

During the 26th EAHM congress, jointly organized with ANMDO national congress, we invite experts, highly renowned speakers as well as experienced colleagues to share their knowledge of the science and skills required to achieve this stability. Through such expert collaboration and shared learning we can articulate the required competencies to contribute to a sustainable health care system and convince our politicians and stakeholders, that public financing of healthcare is not purely a question of cost but also an undeniable investment in the future welfare of people.

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General Terms and Conditions for Congress Participants

The Italian Association of Hospital Directors (ANMDO) has commissioned the PARTNER COMMUNICATIONS to organise and run the congress. With the registration for the conference and it’s confirmation a contract is established between the congress participant and the Italian Association of Hospital Directors (ANMDO) regulating participation in the congress. This contract is based upon the following general terms and conditions.

Attendance Fees for the 26th EAHM Congress

Participation in the congress and the events of the 26th EAHM congress is subject to a fee. Registration for the congress and the booking of events is binding for the participant. The fees are to be paid in advance with the registration. Any resulting bank charges are to be paid by the congress participant.

Cancellation of Congress Attendance

Should you cancel your attendance at the congress by June 30th, 2015, the attendance fee will be refunded, minus an administration fee of 25%. The participant is free to provide evidence that the administration costs are less than 25% of the attendance fee. In the event of cancellation at a later date no refund is possible. Please submit your cancellation to the congress office in writing.

Changes to Programme

The Italian Association of Hospital Directors (ANMDO) reserves the right to make necessary changes to the programme at short notice. A pro rata reimbursement of attendance fees is not possible for cancelled lectures or changes to the programme.

Hotel Reservations Participants should book hotel rooms by PARTNER COMMUNICATIONS on this website. Payment is to be made by the participant in advance with the registration

Liability of the Italian Association of Hospital Directors (ANMDO)

The Italian Association of Hospital Directors (ANMDO) is the organiser of the scientific congress. It is liable within the framework of the laws of the Italian Republic. The liability – irrespective of the legal basis – is restricted to cases of gross negligence and wilful misconduct. However, the Italian Association of Hospital Directors (ANMDO) is also liable for slight negligence in so far as contractual cardinal obligations have been violated.

Congress fees (incl. 22% VAT)

Congress registration fee

€ 650,00

Accompanying person

€ 350,00


€ 150,00

Registration fee for congress participants includes:
– Participation in the scientific programme;
– Open coffee and light lunches at Palazzo dei Congressi in Bologna on 13/14 October 2016;
– Gala Dinner on 13 October 2016;
– Congress Kit.
Fee for Accompanying Person includes:
– Open Coffee and light lunches at Palazzo dei Congressi in Bologna on 13/14 October 2016;
– Up to 2 day tours on 13/14 October 2016;
– Gala Dinner on 13 October 2016.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Future Hospitals in collaboration with Siais
Moderators: Mattia Altini – Marcello Fiorenza

02.00 p.m.

The future trends in hospital functions

Giorgio Mazzi

02.30 p.m

The future of single-speciality hospitals

Giovanni Pieroni- Mario Tubertini

03.00 p.m.

The building flexibility, fact or fiction?

Gabriele Zingaretti

03.30 p.m

. Structure and management efficiency (routes, transportation and supplies)

Anselmo Campagna

04.00 p.m.

Elements characterizing the quality and comfort for patients and medical practitioners

Augusto Cavina

04.30 p.m.

At the end of the seminar there will be a technical visit to the cardio – thoracic vascular Medical Center at S. Orsola Malpighi University Hospital in Bologna


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

10.00 a.m.

Board meeting

03.00 p.m.

Excom meeting

04.00 p.m.

Hospital visit for Board members and Excom members


Thursday, 13 October 2016

9.30 a.m.

Congress opening Choir Collegium Musicum (Alma Mater Studiorum) University of Bologna

10.00 a.m

Welcome speeches by the Authorities

Opening Speeches

10.30 a.m.

Gerald O’Dwyer

10.45 a.m.

Gianfranco Finzi

11.00 a.m.

Beatrice Lorenzin (invited)

11.30 a.m.

Leo Varadkar (invited)

12.00 a.m.

Keynote Speech: (waiting title) Paolo Biscottini

FIRST SESSION 02.00-06.00 p.m.

Sustainability and the future of healthcare Systems

Moderators:Gerald O’Dwyer – Roberta Siliquini

02.00 p.m.


Sir Muir Gray (invited)

02.30 p.m.

Future-oriented welfare systems

Gabriele Pelissero

03.00 p.m.

New paradigms in medicine and in ethics

Guy Vallancien

03.30 p.m.

The example of oncology. How to measure appropriate expenses

Sabina Nuti

04.00 p.m.

Panel Discussion:

Moderators: Karl Kob – Hans Joachim Schubert

Luciano Flor

Marc Hastert

Nikolaus Koller

Fausto Nicolini

SECOND SESSION 9.30 a.m.-12.30 pm

Friday, 14 October 2016

The values and responsabilities of professionals

Moderators: Gianfranco Finzi – Heinz Koelking

9.30 a.m.

(waiting title)

Gualtiero Walter Ricciardi

10.00 a.m.

The Quality in Healthcare 2030: a challenge for hospitals Matthias Schrappe

10.30 a.m.

Ethics in management: a trend or a foundation?

Christine Girier-Diebold

11.00 a.m.

Patient outcomes need an adapted hospital governance Alexandre Lourenco

11.30 a.m.

Panel Discussion:

Moderators:Silvio Brusaferro – Heinz Koelking

Guido Carpani

Louise Mc Mahon

Nikolaus Koller

Francesco Ripa di Meana

Angelo Lino Del Favero

THIRD SESSION 02.00-04.00 p.m.

Leadership and Managers’ skills

Friday, 14 October 2016

Moderators:Antonio Scarmozzino – Rolf Gilgen

02.00 p.m.

The role of CEO’s in improving the quality of hospital outcomes

Staines Antony

02.30 p.m.

Sustainability of the healthcare needs an appropriate leadership

Eric Kreyberg Norman

03.00 p.m.

Facing up to the challenges of System Leadership

Tony O’Brien

03.30 p.m.

A diffused leadership for high-value healthcare

Nicastro Ottavio

04.00 p.m.


Gerald O’Dwyer – Gianfranco Finzi

04.30 p.m.


05.30 p.m.


Gerald O’Dwyer – Gianfranco Finzi – Louise Mc Mahon


Thursday, 13 – Friday, 14 October 2016

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Moderator:Willy Heuschen

01.30 p.m.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) in practical use in the Italy

Claudio Saccavini

02.00 p.m.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) in practical use in the US

Dr. P.-M. Meier

02.30 p.m

Health Information Exchange (HIE) in practical use in Germany

Stefan Burkart

03.00 p.m.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) in practical use in Belgium

Günther Kostka

03.30 p.m.

Coffee Break & Networking

04.00 p.m.

Data consistency via IHE-compliant standardization, reduces the complexity in IT infrastructure and helps to communicate simply, internally and externally Christian Wolf

04.30 p.m.

More about Health Information exchange…to be defined

05.00 p.m.

More about Health Information exchange…to be defined

Friday, 14 October 2016

Mental Health – Transforming mental health services-integration, innovation and learning from experience

Moderators:Inger Kari Nerheim – Alberto Apicciafuoco

9.00 a.m.

38 years after Law 80 Basaglia: Where is Italian psychiatry/mental health service?

Angelo Fioritti

9.50 a.m.

How have we implemented the Basaglia reform in Europe and France? The example of community mental health services in the East of Lille suburbs

Laurent Defromont

10.30 a.m.

Mental Health reform in Germany: Psychiatrie-Enquete of 1975, international dimension and lasting impact

Thomas Becker

11.00 a.m.

The recovery of people with mental health problems: new dimensions in mental health self-help and theraphy Michaela Amering

11.45 a.m.

Panel Discussion: Where are we heading? What do we see are the challenges to leadership? How can we better collaborate in improving mental health services in Europe?

12.20 a.m.

Concluding remarks – take home message of EAHM

Inger Kari Nerheim – Doris Gillig

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