HealthManagement, Volume 17 - Issue 5, 2017


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The European Health Management Association (EHMA) is a non-profit membership organisation open to all those committed to improving health and healthcare. Our focus is on health management capacity and capabilities and supporting the successful implementation of health policy and practice, so as to make a real difference to the lives of Europe’s citizens, patients and communities. shares many common objectives with EHMA and, because of this, we have signed a collaboration agreement to work jointly for better healthcare, particularly given the pressure to continue to deliver quality care in the face of an increasingly elderly population, budget cuts and a move towards value-based care. ‘Sustainability’ has become a much-used catchphrase in the sector; yet it resonates on a day-to-day practical level from the hospital ward to the boardroom. A strategic awareness and proactive stance on practices that lead to sustainable healthcare are essential across the sector.


Biologist Charles Darwin said it was neither the strongest nor the most intelligent that survives but those who best adapt to change. Indeed, adapting to the swiftly changing healthcare environment is critical for stakeholders to support the intricate network of the care continuum and deliver on best patient outcomes.


The final issue of 2017, puts the question of sustainability in healthcare under the microscope – and no matter is too big or too small. Simona Agger Ganassi of the European Health Property Network and Gaynor Whyles, heading JERA Consulting in the UK offer insights into processes and solutions for innovative healthcare procurement while Eileen O’Leary from the Institute of Technology in Ireland looks at how hospitals can reduce costly food waste.


Andrew Spence examines how a new technologically-advanced hospital in Australia has been built with energy and workflow sustainability in mind and Emily Farrow of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in the UK focuses on how education is the bedrock of thinking – and acting - sustainably.


The patient perspective is also central to a healthcare sustainability as Sinead Hewson of the European Institute of Women’s Health in Ireland explains in her fascinating study on the approach to gender medicine.


In an in-depth report, healthcare experts explain why the issue of burnout amongst cardiologists needs to be addressed now, and not later, in order to maintain a sustainable workforce.


In addition to Sustainability, latest winning practices on crisis management, interdisciplinary teamwork and management of violence are featured as well as radiological interventions, and the importance of staff wellbeing. The radiologist Dr. Marcello Orsi gives an insightful review of the latest Hologic installation in a local hospital in Italy. Biochemist professor, Giuseppe Lippi, outlines the positives and drawbacks of Health Technology Assessment in laboratory medicine, while Harvard Medical School professor, Bettina Siewert describes how to build a new culture of safety within healthcare. EH MA is excited to work closely with HealthManagement and all its partner organisations to ensure that the highest quality healthcare is available to all. Enjoy reading this issue.

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