HealthManagement, Volume 18 - Issue 2, 2018

RS85 & GM85

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A new and outstanding premium Ultrasound system.

RS85 is Samsung’s premium ultrasound system that adopted the integrated solution. It provides enhanced image quality, usability, and convenience for medical and radiology professionals. Built with exquisite image quality and expert tools, it empowers professionals to make faster and more confident decisions.

Among its features, the RS85 features MV-Flow™ technology, which detects blood flow in microvascular that is hard to be detected via a conventional Doppler ultrasonic wave. It also has S-Shearwave imaging™ feature, which provides new indicators for clinical diagnosis by quantifying the elasticity of tissue.

Furthermore, it has s-Fusion™ function that extends analysis from abdomen to the prostate, and also allows coordination and simultaneous comparative analysis of images from other modalities such as MRI and CT for easy, fast and accurate biopsy.

In addition, the RS85 is equipped with CEUS+ for diagnosing blood flow or lesions using contrast agent images, and also provides expanded diagnostic range to the liver and breast areas as well as safe, accurate diagnosis for young children. It enhances reflection of both fundamental and harmonic frequency signals by using the unique properties of ultrasound contrast agents. the RS85 goes further with S-Detect™ technology, which is smart detection tool with decision-making support for lesion analysis. it helps standardize reporting and classification of suspicious breast lesions.

Also, RS85 has been developed to decrease the fatigue of sonographers by adding a touchscreen for easier control of the device, and it can reduce the scanning time to improve usability.


Experience Optimized Workflow with Samsung's Mobile Digital Radiography

GM85 is premium mobile digital radiography system which allows easy navigation through anywhere with its compact design. It also provides high image quality to meet the demands of today’s radiologists.

With 555mm narrow width and weighing in at a light 349kg, the GM85 allows easy access around tight spaces, even in elevators. A collapsible column gives users clear visibility when moving the system and broadens access to smaller spaces. Adaptive soft-driving control and front-bumper sensor also help make navigation safer.

It also provides optimized workflow with enhanced usability. S-Align™ display the detector’s angle to the THU (tube head Unit) for precise alignment to enhance image quality. Quick-positioning allows handle-free, precise body movement by simple button clicks on the THU and optimizes workflow, enabling users to save time. The GM85 can also power up full charging in only two to four hours and go on for a full day.

With S-Vue™, the advanced imaging engine, enhances image sharpness and clarity. Simgrid™ provides high-quality images without using a conventional grid, reducing scatter radiation effects. Also, radiographers can lower retake rates as Simgrid™ eliminates alignment errors that often occur with a conventional grid.

At this year’s ECR, Samsung is displaying a lighter version of original GM85. The  weight is reduced, but the functional benefits such as enhanced mobility and streamlined workflow are still retained. GM85 provides advanced patient care with diagnostic confidence through leading edge imaging technologies.

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