HealthManagement, Volume 14 - Issue 2, 2014


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Our cover story is dedicated to the rapidly moving field of paediatrics. This specialty is receiving increased attention as the focus shifts from a ‘one size fits all’ procedure to a more tailor-made approach. Medical diagnostic equipment is being adapted to better accommodate children’s smaller body size and optimise exam results, and imaging radiation dosing is reduced to ensure minimal exposure to harmful radiation.


Alan Dilani explains the challenges associated with design for paediatric health on page 12, Mary Tyson and Johann Blickman discuss the considerations for implementing or expanding child life services in the paediatric healthcare setting on page 20, and the Image Gently campaign in Italy on radiation dose reduction is presented on page 23.


Our Imaging Insights section highlights include the latest KLAS report on PACS technology (page 26), and we bring you part 2 of the ECRI’s top 10 health hazards list introduced in our previous issue. Bo Li shares quality tools every radiologist should know in The Magnificent 7 (page 27), and we get a fascinating insight into the new field of Virtopsy thanks to Wolf Schweitzer and colleagues on page 34. Elisabeth Schouman-Claeys analyses the use of contrast media in imaging and the risk management providing simple rules of conduct (page 37). Her article is followed by an interview with contrast expert product Olivier Clément.


In IT Intelligence on page 58 Tim Williams describes the new Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner qualification.


Franco Orsi’s article on high intensity focused ultrasound is in Interventions (page 50) and in our Cardio Spotlight (page 52) Randy Yeh and colleagues explain the appeal of the triple rule-out CT angiography test for patients with chest pain, while cautioning that there are refinements to be made before it can be widely adopted.


The balanced scorecard is the subject of this issue’s Management Matters on page 54.


Our interview with Nicolas Grenier, President of the European Society of Molecular and Functional Imaging Research, is in Perspectives on page 61 and Compass focuses on the UK with a summary of the impact that the Francis Inquiry Report has had on the NHS one year on.


The Datebook on page 9 features a preview of the upcoming Arab Paediatric Medical Congress taking place in Dubai May 30-31. EUROSON will be held May 25-28 in Tel Aviv. Christoph Dietrich, President of the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology is interviewed on page 10.


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<p style="text-align: justify;">Our cover story is dedicated to the rapidly moving field of paediatrics. This specialty is receiving increased attention as

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