HealthManagement, Volume 15 - Issue 3, 2015

EUROSON Congress Preview

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The EUROSON 2015 congress is organised by the Hellenic Society of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (HSUMB) and the European Federation of Societies of Utrasound of Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB). The delegates are the presidents of each national society and the president of EFSUMB.

The scope of the congress is to unite all medical specialties by linking them with ultrasound. Ultrasound is a modality that can be used by physicians of all specialties. The scientific programme is organised around 10 areas:

• Obstetrics & Gynaecology

• Breast

• Musculoskeletal

• Cardiovascular

• Urology

• Head & N eck

• Trauma & I ntensive Care

• Anaesthesia

• Upper Abdomen

• Gastrointestinal Tract

Physicians of all specialties will benefit from attending this congress. EUROSON 2015 provides them with the opportunity to meet, discuss, inform and be informed in all current trends of ultrasound. The highly specialised scientific and educational programme is a great opportunity for all to exchange views and experiences as well as learn from colleagues who are experts in their own field. These meetings also provide participants with updates on the latest technological developments and advancements of the industry, and guidelines for all ultrasound applications. All these factors make EUROSON Congresses the most valuable ultrasound event.

Recent developments in ultrasound technology have helped upgrade the medical field in a variety of ways. Ultrasound is portable, and thus can be used by doctors of all specialties. Physicians can use ultrasound in their office, at the patient’s bedside, in a primary care unit and in all hospital departments, including the intensive care u nit and in t he o perating room. U lt r aso u n d-g uid e d inte r ve ntio ns are used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes; these are costef fective t herapeutic procedures that minimise the need for hospitalisation. Therapeutic ultrasound is an efficient therapeutic tool in many critical medical conditions.

Ultrasound now more then ever is a powerful tool, which can be applied in all medical fields for prevention, diagnosis and therapy. EUROSON 2015 will cover all innovative and current applications of ultrasound. The prerequisite for the credible and efficient use of ultrasound is education and training. EFSUMB via its website offers a comprehensive collection of learning tools. EFSUMB has long recognised the need, not only to establish the infrastructure for training, but to provide clearly categorised modular learning material for continuous professional advancement. Teaching ultrasound via e-learning, by using the website, or during the congresses can cover only the theoretical aspects of education. Lectures given in convention centres or the provision of comprehensive material online are not enough for ultrasonography. The most advantageous learning method to understand and master ultrasound is hands-on training.

Practical Courses Offer Hands-On Training

The EUROSON 2015 Organising and Scientific Committees have enriched the programme with hands-on training, by providing practical courses, which give step by step how-to instructions and hands-on training on real ultrasound equipment. Physicists, biochemical engineers, sonographers, application specialists and exper t physicians in each field will combine forces to teach, train and share their own tips and tricks on ultrasound diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Comprehensive Programme

EUROSON 2015 Congress represents the most advanced, elaborate, well organised and highly educative ultrasound meeting in the world. It offers every attendee a u nique opportunity to debate on controversial issues, discuss important professional challenges, and review the current situation in all basic and advanced topics of modern ultrasonography. With so many educational and scientific sessions containing vital clinical information an d cutting edge science, it is no wonder that the Congress has become a g lobal event rather than a p urely European one.

The wide selection of categorical courses, refresher courses, practical courses, special focus sessions, scientific sessions, invited lectures, how-to-do/practical courses, multidisciplinary sessions, plenary sessions and scientific sessions offered this year covers a h uge range of hot topics that is sure to cater the needs of each attendee. We hope that all participants will t ake advantage of t he beneficial value of coming together with friends and colleagues from around the world and most importantly to personally meet and learn from expert physicians and Europe’s finest ultrasound educators.

We sincerely hope that this congress will be a f orum for exchanging freshly acquired knowledge, for sharing scientific ideas, for inspiring new research and for making new contacts for further collaboration. As a result, EUROSON 2015 will contribute to the further development and improvement of our favourite technology – u ltrasound. We hope you will enjoy EUROSON 2015 and look forward to welcoming you to a s cientific meeting of substantial educational and informative value

Euroson Highlights:

Saturday 7 November

EUROSON 2015 incorporates the 11th Congress of the Hellenic Society of Ultrasound in Medicine in Biology. Presentations on skin and nerve ultrasonography are the focus of Romania meets Greece on Saturday 7 November while Latvia meets Greece the same day in a session on vascular ultrasound. The European Society of Radiology and European Federation of Societies of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) presents a session on advances in diagnostic ultrasound – better results through integration. EFSUMB is presenting new ultrasound guidelines during the congress. EFSUMB also offers a session on US in paediatrics: paediatric registry status, safe use of contrast agents, emergency US, interventional US in arthritis and fetal medicine and contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS).

The European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics (ESNCH) has a joint session on neurosonology topics that include stroke, contrast ultrasound and a practical demonstration of transcranial colour-coded duplex ultrasonography. ESNCH will also present new guidelines. On Saturday morning there are also separate sessions on CEUS, and on intestinal US (IUS). The IUS session includes presentations on problem-solving, how to use it, inflammatory bowel disease and occlusion.

Sunday 8 November

The German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM) presents a session on obstetrics, gynaecology and breast US. The following experts will give invited lectures as part of a categorical course:
  • Lars Bolvig, Denmark - US examination of the hip with and without prosthesis (Hans Henrik Holm Lecture, CC 3.A MSK)
  • Fabio Piscaglia, Italy - Point of care ultrasound in liver disease for the modern hepatologist (World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology Lecture, CC 5.B Upper Abdomen)
  • Torben Lorentzen, Denmark - Interventional ultrasound, 2015 Update (EUROSON Lecture, CC 10.A INVUS)
  • Dirk Becker - CEUS in combination with endoscopic ultrasound (DEGUM Lecture, CC 10.C INVUS)

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The EUROSON 2015 congress is organised by the Hellenic Society of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (HSUMB) and the European Federation of Societies of U...

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