HealthManagement, Volume 16 - Issue 4, 2016

Editorial Board Members

Editorial Board Members
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Promoting Management and Leadership in Healthcare



Prof. Lluís Donoso Bach

Hospital Clinic – University of Barcelona, Spain




Prof. Iain McCall

UK (Retired)




Prof. Stephen Baker

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, U.S.


Prof. Hans Blickman

University of Rochester Medical Center, U.S.


Prof. Georg Bongartz

University of Basel, Switzerland


Prof. Davide Caramella

University of Pisa, Italy

Dr. Ai-Lee Chang

City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Trust, UK


Prof. Michel Claudon

University Hospital of Nancy, France


Prof. Alberto Cuocolo

University of Naples Federico II , Italy

Prof. Nevra Elmas

Ege University, Turkey


Dr. Mansoor Fatehi

Medical Imaging Informatics Research Center, Iran


Prof. Guy Frija,

Georges-Pompidou European Hospital, France


Assoc. Prof. Frederik L. Giesel

University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

Prof. Wolfram Knapp

Hannover Medical School, Germany


Prof. David Koff

Hamilton Health Sciences; McMaster University, Canada


Prof. Elmar Kotter

University Hospital Freiburg, Germany


Prof. Heinz U. Lemke

IFCARS - International Foundation for Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery; University of Leipzig, Germany


Prof. Lars Lönn

National Hospital, Denmark


Prof. Mieczyslaw Pasowicz

John Paul II Hospital, Poland


Prof. Elisabeth Schouman-Claeys

APHP Medical Organisation Directorate; University of Paris 7, France


Prof. Valentin Sinitsyn

Federal Center of Medicine and Rehabilitation, Russia


Dr. Nicola H. Strickland

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, UK


Prof. Henrik S. Thomsen

Copenhagen University Hospital; University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Prof. Vlastimil Valek

Masaryk University, Czech Republic


Prof. Berthold Wein

Group Practice, Aachen, Germany



Christian Marolt

European Association of Healthcare IT Managers, Cyprus



Dr. Marc Cuggia

Pontchaillou Hospital, France


Prof. Georges de Moor

State University of Ghent, Belgium


Prof. Jacob Hofdijk

European Federation for Medical Informatics,The Netherlands


Dr. Peter Gocke

Amedes Medizinische Dienstleistungen, Germany


Prof. Eric Lepage

Hôpitaux de Paris, France


Dir. Peter Löbus

Salzlandkliniken, Germany


Prof. Miroslav Madjaric

University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Croatia


Prof. Josep M. Picas

Adaptive HS, Spain


Prof. Eric Poiseau

IHE Europe, France


Prof. Karl Stroetmann

Empirica Communication & Technology Research,Germany


Prof. Rudi van de Velde

University Hospital Brussels, Belgium


Ms. Diane Whitehouse

The Castlegate Consultancy, UK


Ing. Martin Zeman

CESNET , Czech Republic


Prof. Jana Zvárová

EuroMise Center, Czech Republic




Prof. Frank Boudghene, Tenon Hospital,France


Dr. Sergej Nazarenko, Estonian Nuclear Medicine Society, Estonia


Anton Vladzymyrskyy Virtual Hospital M-Health, Russian Federation


Ieva Vitola, P.Stradina Clinical University Hospital, Latvia


Joan Marques Faner, Son Dureta University Hospital, Spain






Prof. Tienush Rassaf
Westgerman Heart- and Vascular Center, University of Essen, Germany




Prof. Gunter Breithardt

University of Munster, Germany


Prof. Michele Brignole

Tigulio Hospital, Italy


Prof. Hugo Ector

University Hospital Leuven, Belgium


Prof. Michael Glikson

Leviev Heart Center, Israel


Priv.-Doz. Philipp Kahlert
Universitätsklinikum Essen, Germany

Prof. Peter Kearney

Cork University Hospital, Ireland


Prof. Alexandras Laucevicius

Vilnius University Hospital, Lithuania


Dr. Nik Maniadakis

National School of Public Health, Greece


Prof. Chu Pak Lau

University of Hong Kong, China


Prof. Fausto J. Pinto

Lisbon University, Portugal


Prof. Piotr Ponikowski

Clinical Military Hospital, Poland


Prof. Silvia G. Priori

University of Pavia, Italy


Prof. Amiran Revishvili

Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, Russia


Prof. Massimo Santini

San Filippo Neri Hospital, Italy


Prof. Ernst R. Schwarz

Cedars Sinai Medical Center, USA


Prof. Dan Tzivoni

Israel Heart Society, Israel


Prof. Alex Vahanian

Bichat Hospital, France



Marc De Fré, Belgium


Prof. Mathias Goyen, UK


Ljubisav Matejevic, Germany


Gregory Roumeliotis, Greece


Dr. Eric Silfen, USA



Patient Identification: Executive Summary

Automated External Defibrillators: Executive Summary 



KLAS Research

Interoperability: Slow Progress But Willingness to Improve


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Editorial Board Members Editorial Board Members

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