Author Section Editor-in-Chief - IMAGING Prof. Lluís Donoso Bach Worldwide, emergency and trauma cases account for a large proportion of patients presenting at hospital. The World Health Organization estimates that injuries account for 9% of deaths. Clearly there is still much that can be done to improve outcomes in emergency and trauma, and our cover story considers some of the organisational issues. I

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Author Anders Olauson President The European Patients’ Forum 31, rue du commerce B-1000 Brussels [email protected] +32 (0)2 280 23 34 Links You are invited to sign the EPF Manifesto to support this campaign and therefore commit to include a patients’ perspective in your work: www.eu-patient.eu/whatwedo/EPFCampaign2014Elections/I-support-EPFCampaign/ More information about

Cover Story: Emergency and Trauma

Interviewee Dr. Birju Rana Executive Director Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust North Shields Tyne and Wear, UK Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is building a 29,000m2 specialist emergency care hospital, which will open in 2015. The new hospital will include 30-bed units for respiratory medicine, GI medicine, surgery, trauma, an acute medical unit, elderly/stroke car

Author Arjun Kalyanpur Chief Radiologist and Chief Executive Officer Teleradiology Solutions Bangalore, India [email protected] Key PointsTeleradiology has had a major impact in decreasing report turnaround time, and in improving service levels in the emergency setting.Teleradiology in the emergency setting is usually associated with a strong peer review and quality assurance pr

Interviewee Dr. Emanuel Rivers Vice Chairman and Director of Research Department of Emergency Medicine, Senior Staff Attending, Departments of Emergency Medicine and Surgery (Surgical Critical Care) Henry Ford Hospital Detroit, Michigan, Clinical Professor of Emergency, Medicine and Surgery, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan USA Interviewed by Claire Pillar Managing Editor Hea

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Interviewee Dr. Nancy Cappello, Ph.D. Executive Director and Founder Are You Dense, Inc & Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. Woodbury, CT USA [email protected] Interviewed by Claire Pillar Managing Editor HealthManagement Further information http://www.areyoudense.org http://areyoudenseadvocacy.org https://twitter.com/DrNancyCappello https://www.facebook.com/areyoude

Author Raghumaran Madanagopal Healthcare Research Analyst Frost & Sullivan Medical imaging involves creating images of the human body to assist medical practitioners in effective clinical diagnosis. A number of imaging techniques have been developed over time that not only help in anatomical diagnosis, but also assist in functional diagnosis. The imaging scenario has continuously evolved f

Author Prof. Utku Senol MD, PhD Consultant Professor of Department of Radiology Head of Division of Neuroradiology Akdeniz University School of Medicine, Department of Radiology Antalya, Turkey [email protected] Key PointsRadiologists are constantly dealing with probability calculations during their daily practices, whether consciously or not. To be aware of underlying mathematical proce

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Author John Chave Secretary General Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union A patient walks into a European pharmacy. She hands a paper prescription to the pharmacist. The pharmacist is unfamiliar with the prescriber, and struggles at first with the handwriting, but after a call to the physician, the medicine and its dosage are clarified. The medicine might possibly interact dangerously with others, bu

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Author Alicia Campbell Facility Director CMC-Waxhaw North Carolina USA [email protected] This article discusses the key steps taken to hire and create a team at a new facility and details the education and onboarding that was used, as well as the foundations required to create a culture of excellence. Each new team member hired was considered an investment in the fu

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Author Prof. Petros Nihoyannopoulos MD,FRCP Professor of Cardiology, Imperial College London Hammersmith Hospital London, UK Historical Note The year 2013 was the 60th Birthday of the founding of Echocardiography and the 160th anniversary since the death of Johann Christian Doppler (1803-1853). Those two events marked modern cardiology by not only shaping up a more accurate diagnosis of h

Interviewee Dr. Eugenio Picano, FESC Director General Echocardiographic Laboratory Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR Pisa, Italy Interviewed by Claire Pillar Managing Editor HealthManagement What prompted the European Society of Cardiology to produce this position paper on the appropriate and justified use of medical radiation in cardiovascular imaging? The European Societ


Author Ciara Madden Head of Media and Publications CIRSE – The Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe Trauma represents a major burden to hospitals and healthcare systems, affecting 135 million people worldwide every year, with 5.8 million of these dying as a result (World Health Organization 2008). Within Europe, these injuries are mostly caused by road traffic accidents, a

Interview with Prof. Duncan Ettles, President of the British Society of Interventional Radiology On 16 January 1964 at the University of Oregon Hospital in the United States Dr. Charles Dotter (pictured) performed the first percutaneous transluminal angioplasty procedure. Inserting a Teflon catheter into a patient’s superficial femoral artery, Dr. Dotter opened a blockage in the artery to restore blood

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Author ECRI ECRI Institute 29 Broadwater Road Suite 104 Welwyn Garden City AL7 3BQ United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1707 831001 Fax +44 (0)1707 393138 [email protected] www.ecri.org.uk The Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2014 will be published in HealthManagement in two parts ECRI Institute, a non-profit organisation, dedicates itself to bringing the discipline of applied scie


Interviewee Professor Andrew Jones President British Institute of Radiology London, UK Interviewed by Claire Pillar Managing Editor HealthManagemen Professor Andrew Jones is a consultant clinical scientist within medical physics at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester and is Group Leader for non-ionising imaging. He has been a member of the BIR since 1983, and became Presi


Author Mamas Theodorou, PhD Associate Professor in Health Policy and Planning Open University of Cyprus IntroductionCyprus, a European Union (EU) and Eurozone country, is an island republic covering an area of 9,250 square kilometres in the eastern Mediterranean Sea with a population of 840,407 in the government- controlled area in

Authors: Marios Georgiou Medical Laboratory Technician Karaiskakio Foundation MSc in Health Services Management Mamas Theodorou, PhD Associate Professor in Health Policy and Planning Open University of Cyprus Abstract The main objectives of this study were the investigation of the current state of affairs and perspectives pertaining to medical tourism in Cyprus, the identification of associated probl


Over 20,000 delegates are expected in Vienna from 6-10 March for the largest radiological event in Europe, the annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology. President of the 2014 European Congress of Radiology, Prof. Valentin Sinitsyn notes, “Today, it represents a unique mixture of tradition, innovation, and entertainment.” New for 2014 Amongst the innovations this year is the Multimed

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