So You Think You Got Microchipped? Prove It!

So You Think You Got Microchipped? Prove It!
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People around the world are getting the COVID-19 vaccine. There are four main options out there for those who want to be vaccinated - the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the Moderna vaccine, the on-and-off Astra Zeneca vaccine and the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.


While most people are optimistic that mass vaccination will help the world get rid of this pandemic, a few “conspiracy theorists” are trying to discourage people from getting vaccinated and are fueling the problem of vaccine hesitancy. The rumours that they are actively spreading range from bizarre to ridiculous.


Findings from a study that explored these rumours show that 36% were related to vaccine development availability and access, 20% were related to morbidity and mortality, and 8% were related to safety, efficacy and acceptabilty.


Social media has played a major role in promoting these rumours. Approximately 103.3 million people have liked, shared, reacted to with an emoji or retweeted news articles, social media narratives, online (unproven) reports and blogs related to these rumours and conspiracies. Countries most actively involved in this bizarre behaviour include the U.S., India and Brazil. Facebook was the most prevalent social media platform used to spread these rumours, followed by Twitter.


When it comes to evaluating the quality of these rumours, one would question the intelligence level of those formulating and spreading these conspiracies. For example, the most widely circulated rumour that the COVID-19 vaccine will insert a 5G chip into your body, which would then allow Bill Gates to monitor everything and anything you do might seem “feasible” to conspiracy theorists but is beyond bizarre to those with even an ounce of intelligence.


Think about it. Do you really think the little needle of the COVID-19 vaccine could insert a chip inside your body? Do you really think that the nurses and doctors who take out the syringe in front of YOU could possibly be involved in a mass microchipping global scheme?


Let’s examine, in the real world, if Bill Gates has the time or the interest to ACTUALLY microchip you. First of all, the very fact that these conspiracy theorists think they are SO important that he would even care what they do in their lives is beyond the comprehension of most sane people. But okay, for argument's sake, let’s say he is VERY interested in you. Do you think this little COVID-19 needle has the physical potential to insert a MICROCHIP inside your body? Have you seen the size of the needle? It is NARROW. Even the needle that is used when someone donates blood is wider than the COVID-19 vaccine.


Do you really think this tiny needle can CARRY a microchip? How micro is this chip exactly? Let’s say it is the size of a penny. Do you think a penny could fit inside the needle that was used to vaccinate you? And according to these conspiracy theorists, EACH person who gets vaccinated is getting a UNIQUE microchip. Apart from the fact that NO ONE would have the time, interest or financial desire to go through this tedious process, how do you think these unique microchips are being transferred in these tiny needles all around the world?


Also, a chip has to have some form. A cube? A square? A circle? Could this cube or square pass through the tiny needle of the Pfizer vaccine? No needle, at least not the ones being used for the COVID-19 vaccine, would have the internal diameter to carry a chip. Even if there was some type of super-advanced system-on micro, micro, very, very microchip, it still wouldn’t fit in this needle.


It is great to have an imagination. But it’s bizarre that there are people out there who actually think they are so important that sleazy industrialists and multibillionaires would give a damn about them. Clearly, the world lacks intelligence, as is evident from the massively stupid behaviour we have all seen during this pandemic.


The only solution: We need a vaccine to cure stupidity.

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Published on : Tue, 8 Jun 2021

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