#loveyourheart2015 : ESC Valentine’s Day Campaign Promoting Heart Health

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Journalists and the public are invited to join the Twitter and Facebook campaign #loveyourheart2015 to promote heart health from 12 to 14 February.

The campaign was initiated by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) through the MEP Heart Group and aims to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease, the number one killer in Europe (1). It is supported by the European Society of Cardiology and the European Heart Network.

More than 500 000 people are set to be reached with heart healthy messages from MEPs, EU Commissioners, health organisations and many individuals.

Joining the campaign is easy! Use your personal Twitter and/or Facebook account to spread heart friendly messages (2) such as:

•    Save women! 1in2 women die of cardiovascular disease in Europe. #loveyourheart2015
•    Love your Heart! Smoking, poor diet & physical inactivity increase risk of heart attack & stroke. #loveyourheart2015
•    Fight tobacco! By the time you finish reading this 6 people will have died from smoking! #loveyourheart2015
•    Get active and cut your chances of getting heart disease & stroke by 19% #loveyourheart2015
•    Eat healthily! 33% of heart diseases & strokes are due to a diet poor in fruit & veg #loveyourheart2015

For more heart friendly messages visit http://www.escardio.org/about/what/advocacy/MEP_Group/Pages/loveyourheart2015.aspx?hit=myescnews

Please help us fight cardiovascular disease by posting a message!

Source: ESC


1) Statistics on heart disease in Europe
2) Key Prevention messages from ESC Guidelines: http://www.escardio.org/GUIDELINES-SURVEYS/ESC-GUIDELINES/Pages/cvd-prevention.aspx

Published on : Tue, 10 Feb 2015

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Cardiovascular, Heart, cardiovascular diseases, European Society of Cardiology, #ESC Journalists and the public are invited to join the Twitter and Facebook campaign #loveyourheart2015 to promote heart health from 12 to 14 February.<br><br>

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