Heart Failure Awareness Days - May 2021

Heart Failure Awareness Days - May 2021
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Heart Failure Awareness Days (HFAD) are held every year in May. The goal is to increase awareness about  heart failure and highlight the importance of recognising symptoms early, getting an accurate diagnosis and providing heart failure patients optimal treatment.

This year, because of COVID-19, Heart Failure Awareness Days have gone digital. Events have still been organised focusing on heart failure prevention and education but they are mostly online. Some of these include:

  • Competition for the best national programmes with digital activities. Winners will receive grants/vouchers of €5,000 each. Activities will be evaluated and graded by members of the HFA Committee on Heart Failure National Societies/Working Groups. Winners will be recognised and awarded during HFA Summit 2021.
  • Poster competition focusing on patient education. Posters should raise public awareness and educate patients on recognising heart failure symptoms early, getting an accurate diagnosis and receiving optimal treatment. It is encouraged that the posters be prepared in local languages to improve understanding. However in order to be considered for the competition, the same posters must also be submitted in English as they will be posted on the HFA webpage.
  • An online event entitled “Fighting Heart Failure through Education." The event will include Presidents of National Heart Failure Societies and will be focused on education. It will take place on 12 May and will discuss new educational initiatives. 

In order to become part of this initiative, doctors across the world can prepare lectures for patients and their families about heart failure. Hospitals can have open house sessions and discuss heart failure, diagnostic tools and more. Clinicians could also offer blood pressure measurements, arrange competitions, quizzes and questionnaires. Panel debates with experts and influential decision makers can also help spread the word about heart failure. Press, radio and television can be used to promote these activities and social media conversations and posts can further spread the message.

Countries across the globe can participate and make a difference because raising awareness about heart failure is extremely important for early detection, accurate diagnosis and improved patient outcomes.

Source: ESC
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Published on : Mon, 10 May 2021

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