International Conference on Advanced Cardiology

International Conference on Advanced Cardiology






With the vast knowledge and intelligence in Cardiology, presents “International conference on Advanced Cardiology” 2022 for the professionals, doctors, specialists and fellow researches out there. The conference is designed in a certain theme that is ‘’ Critical Thinking in aspects of Cardiology and the advances in this field’’.

The organizing committee of Advanced Cardiology 2022, whole-heartedly welcomes you all for the International conference on “Advanced Cardiology”. We are looking forward to provide lots of knowledge within these 2 days of conference and events.

Congenital heart defects| Coronary artery disease| Heart failure| Valvular heart disease| cardiovascular disease| Cardiomyopathy| Carotid Bruit | Hypertension| Echocardiography| Interventional cardiology| Nuclear cardiology| Cardio geriatrics| Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS)| Arrhythmia & EP| Atrial Fibrillation| Cardiovascular Risk Reduction| CV Imaging| CVD Prevention |Interventional Cardiology & Surgery | Stroke| Cerebrovascular Disease| Thrombosis | Pediatrics Cardiology| Electrocardiography | Syncope | Cardiac Catheterization |

The main objective of the “Advanced Cardiology” 2022 Conference is to create an opportunity to present the research works, articles which is technically related to medical diagnosis and physiological aspects of cardiology and cardiovascular system.

This event will consist Cardiologists, practitioners, Directors, Professors, biomedical engineers, Students from academic areas and researchers within the sector of Cardiology and Cardiology Research, official and global leaders to make the “Advanced Cardiology” 2022 successful.

This time we will organize several Video Presentations, Workshops, symposiums and Poster presentation Sessions as we've introduced recent technologies for the user in more participants. We welcome all the Cardiology doctors, professors, Cardiology Research Professionals, Delegates, Researchers, and Students to form a wonderful presence in the conference “Advanced Cardiology” 2022. Also, this time, our “Advanced Cardiology” 2022 will be ultimate destination for the International Cardiology Research Societies, Associations, and Organizations. We are looking forward for the “Advanced Cardiology” 2022 for a successful event.

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