#WoHIT: Agfa HealthCare "Envisions the Future of Care"

Agfa HealthCare at WoHIT 2015
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At WoHIT 2015, Agfa HealthCare "Envisions the Future of Care", enhancing collaboration, interoperability and mobility.
Enterprise Imaging and Portal offer cost-effective, long-term solutions that align with EHR platform strategy

  • Solutions form a pathway to integrated care, across departments, enterprises and regions, and beyond.
  • They provide physicians and patients "anywhere, anytime" access to a patient's health information.
  • They are part of a portfolio that demonstrates Agfa HealthCare's commitment to empowering the delivery of high quality, efficient, and cost-effective medical care.
Agfa HealthCare announces that it will highlight its Portal and Enterprise Imaging and Content Management solutions at WoHIT 2015, being held in Riga, Latvia, from May 11-14, 2015. These solutions form a pathway to integrated care, across departments, enterprises and regions, and beyond. They allow hospitals to offer care providers, referring physicians and patients "anywhere, anytime" access to a patient's health information and images, whether DICOM or non-DICOM.
Enterprise Imaging: enhanced collaboration and workflow

Agfa HealthCare's unified Enterprise Imaging platform improves interoperability, enhances collaboration across disciplines, reduces administrative costs and increases operational efficiency, creating a true enterprise imaging workflow. Its six integrated solutions - departmental imaging and management, enterprise EHR imaging, regional health, vendor-neutral archive (VNA), image exchange and XERO Viewer - offer hospitals and networks a long-term, value-based answer to their EHR strategy needs.
The Agfa HealthCare Portal: a gateway to a future of integrated care

The Agfa HealthCare Portal offers physicians, patients and caregivers web-based access to the patient's health information, inside and outside the hospital. Easy to integrate and to use, it, brings together patient data and images from different sources.  Its native mobile functionality, for both Google Android(TM) and Apple iOS(TM), supports the increasing demands of care providers and patients for "anywhere, anytime" access to information using their own mobile devices. 

Dedicated instant messaging for healthcare
Visitors to WoHIT can also try out Fisike(TM): a secure way for care providers and patients to communicate. This instant messaging tool integrates with the EHR, connects with any mobile device and tracks point-of-care clinical devices.
Playing a leading role in interoperability
"Interoperability is a critical issue for integrated care," says Willy Rosé, Head of marketing IT, Europe at Agfa HealthCare. "We're very proud of the efforts we have made to develop interoperable solutions over many years.
As a leader in interoperability, Agfa HealthCare plays a leading role in the various DICOM and IHE committees developing connectivity standards and participating in the IHE Europe Connectathon also this year.
We also provide solutions that work in the mobile environment, allowing access on mobile devices, easily, with a single log-on."
Success in regional imaging

Agfa HealthCare's regional imaging solutions are supporting healthcare facilities to prepare for their present and future demands. The company uses its long-term experience to continuously improve healthcare IT solutions that cover the needs of healthcare enterprises, whether operating as single facilities, multi-site hospitals or regional groups. In 2015, projects are being implemented in a number of counties. These include:

  • A cloud and data center solution for the Azienda Ospedaliera di Perugia, in Umbria, Italy, part of a move to digitize and computerize the processing and storage of images and reports, and to bring them into a single repository. At the same time, a web portal makes the data accessible to patients, who can view their own results on the web.
  • The Moscow City Department of HealthCare has chosen the Enterprise Imaging platform as its central imaging repository and teleradiology solution.
  • GCS Télésanté Lorraine in France has awarded Agfa HealthCare, in a consortium with Santeos, the contract for the regional Médiale project, which will index all medical imaging files produced in Lorraine in a shared, regional registry.
"Building on over 140 years of experience in healthcare solutions, Agfa HealthCare is working to create a future for healthcare that adds value all along the patient care continuum," continues Willy Rosé of Agfa HealthCare. "At WoHIT, visitors will have the chance to discover the solutions that are taking them there, and how we can help every healthcare facility to 'envision the future of care' for itself."

Source and image credit: Agfa HealthCare

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Published on : Fri, 8 May 2015

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Agfa HealthCare, care continuum, EHR, imaging, WoHIT, eHealth Week Agfa HealthCare announces that it will highlight its Portal and Enterprise Imaging and Content Management solutions at WoHIT 2015.

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