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ICU Management

Blood Test May Allow More Precise Antibiotic Use

2016 20 Jan

More precise use of antibiotics may result from a blood test, according to an observational study from scientists at Duke Health, published in Science Translational Medicine. The infectious disease and genomics experts developed ‘gene signatures’, which are patterns that reflect which of a patient’s genes are turned on or off, to indicate whether someone... Read more

ICU Management

Is PCT Testing Effective in Guiding Antibiotic Therapy?

2015 12 Dec

The use of procalcitonin (PCT) testing to guide antibiotic treatment may reduce antibiotic use in patients with sepsis or suspected sepsis in the ICU and patients with possible bacterial infections in emergency departments (EDs), according to a systematic review published in Health Technology Assessment.PCT is produced in your body and increases when... Read more

Executive Health Management

Frost & Sullivan: Next-Generation Therapeutics to Conquer Infectious Diseases

2014 26 Mar

Resistance to current drugs spurs treatment innovation in influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, chlamydia and gonorrhoeaCurrently, the prescribed antivirals for some infections, such as the frequently occurring respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza are limited in their regular use and efficiency, due to having a variable response, being... Read more