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ICU Management

Vasoactive Agent Management for Haemodynamic Support in COVID-19 Patients

2020 19 May

An overview of the Surviving Sepsis Guidelines for the vasoactive agent management of COVID-19 patients with septic shock and the use of arginine vasopressin in this patient population. The SARS-CoV-2 has caused a global health crisis. Thousands of people across the globe have been affected by COVID-19. Clinicians are in urgent need of... Read more

ICU Management

UK study: extubating ventilated patients on vasoactive infusions 'safe'

2018 11 Jul

In a large single centre study, 21 percent of intubated patients who received infusions of vasoactive infusions while mechanically ventilated were extubated for the first time while still receiving them. Coincident with their earlier extubation, these patients' ICU length of stay was shorter without an increase in ICU mortality, hospital mortality... Read more