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Mindray Ultra-Wideband Nonlinear (UWN) Contrast Imaging Feature and Its Clinical Result

2016 20 Jan

Introduction   Ultrasound contrast imaging is becoming increasingly important in clinical applications and in researches. Traditional contrast agent ultrasound imaging technologies, such as pulse inversion/phase inversion imaging and coded contrast imaging, have focused on the second harmonic properties of the contrast agents and tiss Read more

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Elastography : Strain Image in DC-8 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

2016 19 Jan

Relationship between the stiffness of tumor and it’s malignance has far been known since the ancient Greek [1] . It’s until recent years that people began to measure the stiffness of the tissue in vivo in cancer diagnosis [2,3,4] .  Ultrasound strain image is one of the novel approaches to measure the stiffness of tissue from outside the human body.... Read more

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Esaote's Long Term Vision

2014 08 Nov

On the occasion of Esaote’s recent launch of their latest mobile ultrasound diagnostic systems MyLab™ Gamma and MyLab™ Six, HealthManagement sat down with Carlos Faustmann to talk about Esaote’s approach and strategy in the highly competitive ultrasound market. Congratulations on the launch. It appears these new machines are the perfect diagnostic... Read more