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ICU Management

Tranexamic Acid Reduces Head Injury Deaths

2019 19 Oct

According to new research findings, early treatment with tranexamic acid could reduce deaths in traumatic brain injury patients by as much as 20%. The findings are published in The Lancet.  Every year, there are approximately 60 million new cases of TBI worldwide. Bleeding in or around the brain due to tearing of blood vessels is a common complication... Read more

Executive Health Management

Blood-saving Surgery Drug Cuts Costs

2015 13 Sep

  The use of an economical drug for hip or knee replacements since 2013 has helped St. Michael's Hospital in Ontario, Canada reduce the number of transfusions performed during these surgeries by more than 40 percent without negatively affecting any patients.  “Having a coordinated blood management program is a very great value in limiting unnecessary... Read more