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Population Health Lagging: Confused Implementation Strategy

2016 09 Feb

In the U.S., a national study has found slow progress in implementing population health management even though healthcare providers believe it will be important for future market success. The study synthesises survey responses from more than 300 executives and in-depth interviews with more than 100 key decision makers across U.S. healthcare delivery... Read more

IT Management

mHealth Patient Engagement Rises But...

2015 23 May

Although cellular phones and other mobile devices providing patient-centred technology actively engage patients in care, evidence of effectiveness in improving health-related outcomes is limited, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report. In addition, "providers have not been able to effectively leverage technology tools" to improve population... Read more

IT Management

Accenture Survey Reveals English Patients’ Interest in Digital Medical Records

2013 08 Nov

A recent Accenture survey of over 9,000 consumers in nine countries shows that only 16% of consumers residing in England say they have full access to their electronic medical records. By stating they would be willing to switch doctors in order to gain access to their electronic medical records (EMR), 42% of English support the growing trend toward... Read more