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Executive Health Management

Mandatory Headwear Does Not Reduce Surgical Site Infections

2017 14 May

Surgical site infections are a costly health complication. Patients with such infections tend to have longer stays in both the ICU and the hospital. They are also at a higher risk of readmission or death.  In order to better address this issue, hospital policy in the US was changed in February 2016 and surgeons were obligated to wear a bouffant... Read more

Executive Health Management

Surgical Site Infection Tops List of Reasons for Unplanned Readmissions

2015 08 Feb

Hospital readmissions present a major challenge for administrators working to reduce costs and improve care quality metrics. It is not only chronic medical conditions which can be problematic for hospitals wishing to avoid financial penalties for readmissions: many patients are readmitted with complications following surgical procedures. According... Read more

Executive Health Management

Greenwich Hospital, ONS Foundation Win Research Award

2014 14 Nov

Greenwich Hospital and the ONS Foundation for Clinical Research and Education (ONSF) conducted research on surgical site infections, where they examined why a certain bacteria is so common in post-surgical shoulder infections. The research project called Understanding and Preventing Surgical Site Infection was awarded second place at the recent... Read more