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Executive Health Management

Raising Patient Confidence Vital During Skin Cancer Screening

2016 16 May

There are two simple issues that dermatologists need to consider when conducting full-body skin cancer examinations: respect the patient’s preference for the observing physician’s gender, and how or if they wish their genitals examined. These conclusions result from research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and published... Read more

IT Management

Smartphone Tools Promote Sun Safety, Monitor Moles

2015 28 Jan

Two articles published online by JAMA Dermatology address the use of mobile technology applications in skin cancer prevention and skin care. The first reports on the results of two studies of the Solar Cell app for promoting sun safety, while the second discusses how teledermatology can assist patients and physicians in the short-term monitoring... Read more

Pharmacy Management

Game-Changer for Melanoma Treatment

2014 10 Sep

The FDA has approved a drug for the treatment of advanced melanoma. Pembrolizumab, which goes by the brand name Keytruda, is expected to be a game-changing drug for treating patients with advanced melanoma and who are no longer responding to alternative treatments. It is developed by Merck & Co.  Keytruda is an immunotherapy drug that attacks PD-1,... Read more