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Radiology efficiency: from burnout to wellbeing

2018 11 Dec

Radiologists burnout at a higher average rate then doctors that practice in all other medical specialities. There are a variety of factors that lead to symptoms of burnout in the medical profession but for radiologists the major cause is the extreme pressure to do more in less time. Coupled with bureaucratic workload routine, a decreasing sense of... Read more

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Teaching radiologists machine learning - AI

2018 11 Dec

Radiology is being transformed by the exponential growth of machine learning and continuously emerging technologies like deep learning, part of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution in the imaging field.  Medical imaging and operations applications are transformed as new methods and algorithms are introduced into radiology’s daily practice. ... Read more

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Hacking the AI to protect imaging devices

2018 04 Dec

Radiology and medical imaging is continuously experiencing rapid enhancements including quality of patient care as a result of uncovering new aspects of the vast potential of artificial intelligence implementation in clinical practice. As more hospital medical imaging equipment connects to the internet, cyberattacks and malicious software vulnerabilities... Read more

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Radiology’s future: outside the box– literally

2018 02 Dec

The tight roped tug of war concerning artificial intelligence and exponential technologies like deep learning and machine learning has been pulling at radiology for years. There are those fearing the dark side- new technologies as the ‘big bad’ machines that will rise up and exterminate the radiologist, the shining happy radiologists that see unicorns... Read more

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JFR 2019

2019 11 Oct

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RadiologyAsia 2019

2019 26 Apr

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SPR 2019 MSK Imaging Course

2019 01 Feb

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RSNA 2019 - Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting

2019 01 Dec

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CAR 2019

2019 11 Apr

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Management in radiology

2019 18 Jan

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