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#ECR2015: Agfa HealthCare Launches MUSICA for Neonatal

2015 10 Feb

Agfa HealthCare launches MUSICA for Neonatal at ECR 2015, as part of its efforts to drive X-ray dose down further, "because life is precious" Technology improvements to gold standard image processing software include more detail in a single neonatal image and confident, comfortable reading Fully automatic and exam-independent, MUSICA provides... Read more

Real-Time Radiation Monitor Reduces Exposure

2014 22 Dec

According to UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers, a real-time radiation monitor that alerts staff by beeping in response to radiation exposure during cardiac-catheterisation procedures markedly reduces the amount of exposure that medical workers receive. Results of the RadiCure study are published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions.... Read more

#RSNA14: CT: New System Detects Anomalous Radiation Exposure in Context

2014 09 Dec

A radiation exposure extraction engine that detects anomalous radiation events has been developed. Ronald Summers, MD, PhD, of iCAD, presented results from a study of the software at the 2014 Radiological Society of North American (RSNA) annual meeting. The study aimed to detect anomalous radiation events by taking into account patient and exam-specific... Read more

#RSNA14: Many Chest X-rays In Children Are Unnecessary

2014 03 Dec

According to a study presented this week at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found that many children receive chest x-rays that may be unnecessary and have no clinical benefit.     "Chest x-rays can be a valuable exam when ordered for the correct indications," said Ann... Read more

Agfa HealthCare, Qaelum Agreement: New Dose Monitoring Solution

2014 24 Nov

Agfa HealthCare and Qaelum sign agreement for Dose Monitoring Solution to optimise radiation exposure information across modalities, departments and institutions. The solution supports organisations to manage, analyse and balance their dose management.   Solution provides data on dose at the study, patient, device, modality or institution level.... Read more

Klas Radiology Dose Monitoring Solutions 2014

2014 08 Nov

KLAS Research Orem, UT USA +1-800-920-4109 @KLASresearch   Awareness of radiation dose is a key concern for radiologists and patients on both sides of the Atlantic. A number of dose monitoring solutions are available from vendors. But what informs healthcare providers’ purchase decisions and how do they... Read more

Radiation Dose: Communicating With Patients

2014 08 Nov

Key Points • Radiology departments need to communicate with patients about radiation dose and contrast media to confirm with the new European directive. • Departments must track radiation dose, and be prepared for the additional workload this requires. • Radiation dose information and quality assurance can be a marketing tool for departments.... Read more

Agfa CR, DR Caesium-Based Detectors FDA Cleared

2014 03 Nov

Agfa HealthCare has received FDA clearance for its digital radiography (CR and DR) Cesium-based detectors. Use of Caesium-based detectors with Agfa HealthCare CR and DR products allowing dose reduction up to 60%*, which is especially important in neonatal and pediatric environments. - Since the introduction of the first Cesium-based detectors in 2005,... Read more

MIR 2014: Tracking Radiation Dose

2014 12 Oct

Tracking radiation dose and contrast will improve the quality of radiology services, said Prof. Davide Caramella, speaking at the Management in Radiology (MIR) meeting in Bologna last week. Radiation dose historically has taken second place to diagnostic priority - diagnose no matter what the dose. While the knowledge about radiation dose has grown... Read more

Cardiac Imaging May Pose Radiation Risk

2014 04 Oct

According to a recent statement by the American Heart Association, doctors should ensure that patients understand the radiation-related risks of heart imaging tests before they undertake the procedures. These heart imaging tests may include nuclear stress tests, cardiac CT scans and fluoroscopy.  According to Dr. Rana Fazel, MD, MSc, chair of... Read more