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IMAGING Management

Diagnosing Head Injuries in Children

2017 21 Apr

A large-scale, multicenter validation study was conducted to assess the diagnostic accuracy of three clinical decision rules used by emergency doctors. The objective was to determine if it was possible to reduce unnecessary CT scans and radiation exposure in children with head injuries. The outcomes from the trial are published in The Lancet. See Also:... Read more

IMAGING Management

Children and Medical Radiation

2017 18 Apr

Medical imaging is frequently necessary and is essential in diagnosis and management of children with illness and injury. Much of medical imaging requires ionising radiation. A discussion of radiation exposure is especially relevant in children due to their increased vulnerability, including to radiation-induced cancer, according to a report published... Read more

IMAGING Management

Balancing Radiation Doses

2017 14 Apr

According to a new study, radiation doses for common CT scans can be safely and effectively reduced and more consistently administered by assessing and comparing doses across hospitals. The study is published in JAMA Internal Medicine. See Also: Assessment of Radiation Dose Reduction Awareness Over the last decade, there has been a steady increase in... Read more

IMAGING Management

JMIRS: Many Still Not Fully Aware of Dose Risk from CT Scans

2016 27 Jun

A survey of about 300 healthcare professionals in Canada found that radiologists and technologists generally had better knowledge than referring physicians when it comes to radiation dose levels and potential risk. The aim of the study, published in the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences (JMIRS) was to identify that there is ionising... Read more

Cardiology Management

Radiation Exposure with X-ray Guided Cardiovascular Procedures

2016 12 Apr

New research published in the American Heart Association Journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions shows that healthcare professionals who perform x-ray guided cardiovascular procedures may be at higher risk for health problems such as orthopeadic issues, cataracts, skin lesions and cancers. The study highlights potential radiation-related health... Read more